Foreign slots maker FBM makes US debut at Hialeah Park Casino

Written By Jason Jarrett on August 2, 2023
Hialeah Park Casino Gets New Slots from Foreign Maker

By starting small in Florida, one veteran slot machine company is pushing for a bigger future in the rest of the United States.

Malta-based slot machine maker FBM entered the Florida casino market earlier this year at Hialeah Park Casino, intending to expand across the US in the future.

New games installed at Hialeah Park

The company’s placement of Rainbow Falls and Catch the Gold machines on Hialeah Park’s floor is the beginning of FBM’s strategy to grow its presence in the state and elsewhere in the US, according to Renato Almeida, director at FBM.

“The priority is expanding FBM’s operation in the US with a special focus on Florida and Oklahoma,” Almeida told Gaming America. “We know that this is a challenging market where only the top players can thrive, and we are taking the necessary actions on the field to ensure FBM’s next steps of expansion in America.”

FBM’s upcoming showcase

Almeida and his team will showcase FBM’s gaming options this month at the upcoming Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) conference.

“The brand’s presence in the Florida market sets the path to FBM’s much-desired journey of expansion in this country,” the company said in a news release. “The FBM Group is ready for a bright future in the USA, marked by game releases, casino deals and more exciting novelties during the upcoming months.”

Why FBM is a good fit with Hialeah Park Casino

It is unknown how many FBM slot machines make up the 850 on the floor at the Hialeah Park Casino. Casino officials did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Javier Fernandez, director of slots operations at Hialeah Park, believes the fit with the casino is a good one.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the cutting-edge entertainment they deserve and are confident that this partnership with FBM is the right decision,” Fernandez said in a news release.

History of slot maker

All of FBM’s previous business has been conducted in Europe and Asia. Described as a “powerhouse brand in Asia” due to its bingo titles, the company’s machines are hugely popular in that continent, especially in the Philippines.

According to the company’s website, FBM has 40,000 machines installed in more than 700 casinos worldwide.

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