MLB Betting Odds

Major League Baseball is a favorite sport for bettors thanks in part to its long season, and in Florida bettors fans of the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins can bet on their favorite team at several retail sportsbook and online at Hard Rock Bet.

Here’s a guide to betting on MLB in Florida. covering trends and stats to the various kinds of MLB bets you can make.

How MLB betting lines work

There are a few sports gambling lines that are available on every MLB game. Many of these bets are also available for other sports, and if you have experience there, these are likely easy to understand. You should fully understand what all these terms mean before you start placing bets on baseball games.

Betting the run line

The run line is baseball’s version of the point spread in basketball and football, with some key differences. The line is always 1.5 runs, with the favorite at -1.5 and the underdog at +1.5. This means that the favorite must win by at least two runs for a run line bet on that team to win, and the underdog must avoid losing by two runs or more for the same thing.

For example, if the Tampa Bay Rays were at -1.5 and the Miami Marlins were at +1.5 on the run line, a final score of 7-6 in favor of the Rays would mean that a run line bet on the Marlins would win.

Betting the moneyline

The moneyline is the most basic bet across all sports, and the same is true for baseball. This is simply a bet on a team to win a game. No matter what happens in a game, whichever team is the winner at the end will have moneyline bets on that side pay off. The thing to consider when making a money line bet is the odds associated with each selection.

For instance, using the same teams as the run line example above, the MLB money line odds might have been Tampa Bay Rays -150 and Miami Marlins +125. Since the Rays won 7-6, anyone who placed a moneyline bet on Tampa Bay would win.

Betting the over/under

The last of the three main bets, the over/under is the only one of these three for which the winning team or margin does not matter. Instead, the over/under, also known as a total bet, is a wager on the combined score of the game. You add up the runs from each team at the end of the game and compare that with the pregame line that the sportsbook set.

Using our same example, a sportsbook might have set the over/under at 10 for the game between the Marlins and Rays. Since the game ended at 7-6 and that equals 13 runs, anyone who bet on the over would win.

Line shopping for best MLB odds

Just like any other sport, MLB betting benefits if you shop for lines. This means having accounts at multiple sportsbooks so you can easily compare lines and get the best baseball odds for any bets you want to place. Not doing this is potentially leaving money on the table that you could have had for not much extra work.

You might be surprised at how large line differences can be from sportsbook to sportsbook. These differences can be enough to have a significant effect on your bankroll over time.