MLB Betting Odds

Online sports betting is not yet active in Florida. This page will be updated with the latest promos, news and odds once Florida sportsbooks launch.

Baseball is America’s national pastime and it always will be. The sport has been a big part of the country’s culture for a long time, a statement that is true for gambling, as well. Every summer, people will place money on a variety of baseball bets. The season is long, and there are games nearly every day, providing a variety of chances to wager.

The state of Florida is lucky enough to have two MLB teams that call it home. Both the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins are based here and get to enjoy the sunny weather that comes alongside being located in the state, perfect for baseball season. While the two teams have experienced different levels of success in recent years, with the Rays reaching a World Series and the Marlins struggling, they both have had big playoff runs in the past that have built fanbases within the state.

The games for these two teams will now have an extra layer with the addition of legal sports betting. Sports betting has been a hit in every state that has legalized it so far, and there is no reason to think that Florida will be any different.

Before you rush to place your first MLB bet in Florida, make sure that you’re prepared. When it’s your money on the line, you want to take that extra step to be careful. This guide will cover the key points about betting on baseball in Florida, from trends and stats to the basic bets that will be available.F

Today’s best MLB odds

The World Series is the culmination of the entire MLB season and the pinnacle of the sport. This is where legacies are built and history is made. Fans from around the world will tune into the Fall Classic to see which team claims the title. Alongside the games, the World Series also offers a variety of potential bets. In addition to bets on the individual games, a futures bet on the eventual winner of the World Series is a popular option nearly all year round. Find all the odds for the World Series here.

Baseball fans like to debate which league is stronger or which plays by the better rules. There is healthy competition between the two leagues, and the pennants still mean a lot to every team despite it being only a stepping stone on the way to the World Series. And betting on the winner of each league can be a fun futures wager that is slightly easier than betting on the World Series champion. You can find the odds for the two leagues here.

As far as other MLB futures bets, betting on individual players is a popular choice. You can bet on which players are going to lead the league in major statistical categories or win the top individual awards at the end of the season. Considering that each league has its own awards, the player pool for these futures is cut in half. Find all the prop odds for these types of bets below, including MLB MVP odds.

For those who are looking to add some excitement to their viewing experience, live betting has you covered. You can place bets on the games as they are playing out. Bets can be on things as small as the outcome of the next at-bat. Check your sportsbook to see what bets are available for in game wagering. More and more sportsbooks are building a robust offering that equals what they offer before the game, including run lines, moneylines and even just which team will score more runs in the next inning.

Best Florida sportsbooks for betting on MLB

Sports bettors in Florida are about to have plenty of options when it comes to picking sportsbooks. Many large companies have moved into the various legal markets across the country and are fighting one another for customers. This competition has meant good things for bettors, who can benefit from the best sports betting bonus offers that the sportsbooks make available. Here are a few of the largest books and the pros and cons of each.

BetMGM FloridaLoyalty program across the entire MGM brandLack of day-to-day promotions
DraftKings FloridaGood array of promotionsCustomer service complaints
FanDuel FloridaHuge variety of selections and betsNo loyalty program

Tampa Bay Rays odds

One of two MLB teams located in the state of Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays have experienced success recently, including a run to the 2020 World Series. When you consider the fact that Tampa plays in a relatively small market, it’s impressive that the Rays have been able to find ways to maximize their money and win games.

For those who want to find out more about betting on the Rays, here are the relevant odds.

Miami Marlins odds

The Miami Marlins are Florida’s other MLB team. While they have struggled in recent years, the franchise can still look back to World Series titles in 1997 and 2003.

For those who want to find out more about betting on the Miami Marlins, here are the current odds.

MLB betting trends/stats

How MLB betting lines work

There are a few sports gambling lines that are available on every MLB game. Many of these bets are also available for other sports, and if you have experience there, these are likely easy to understand. You should fully understand what all these terms mean before you start placing bets on baseball games.

Betting the run line

The run line is baseball’s version of the point spread in basketball and football, with some key differences. The line is always 1.5 runs, with the favorite at -1.5 and the underdog at +1.5. This means that the favorite must win by at least two runs for a run line bet on that team to win, and the underdog must avoid losing by two runs or more for the same thing.

For example, if the Tampa Bay Rays were at -1.5 and the Miami Marlins were at +1.5 on the run line, a final score of 7-6 in favor of the Rays would mean that a run line bet on the Marlins would win.

Betting the moneyline

The moneyline is the most basic bet across all sports, and the same is true for baseball. This is simply a bet on a team to win a game. No matter what happens in a game, whichever team is the winner at the end will have moneyline bets on that side pay off. The thing to consider when making a money line bet is the odds associated with each selection.

For instance, using the same teams as the run line example above, the MLB money line odds might have been Tampa Bay Rays -150 and Miami Marlins +125. Since the Rays won 7-6, anyone who placed a moneyline bet on Tampa Bay would win.

Betting the over/under

The last of the three main bets, the over/under is the only one of these three for which the winning team or margin does not matter. Instead, the over/under, also known as a total bet, is a wager on the combined score of the game. You add up the runs from each team at the end of the game and compare that with the pregame line that the sportsbook set.

Using our same example, a sportsbook might have set the over/under at 10 for the game between the Marlins and Rays. Since the game ended at 7-6 and that equals 13 runs, anyone who bet on the over would win.

Line shopping for best MLB odds

Just like any other sport, MLB betting benefits if you shop for lines. This means having accounts at multiple sportsbooks so you can easily compare lines and get the best baseball odds for any bets you want to place. Not doing this is potentially leaving money on the table that you could have had for not much extra work.

You might be surprised at how large line differences can be from sportsbook to sportsbook. These differences can be enough to have a significant effect on your bankroll over time.