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Latest live NBA MVP odds from FL sportsbooks

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In the NBA, there is no individual award more prestigious than the MVP. When we compare the careers of all-time greats, the number of MVP trophies is often one of the differentiators.

In addition to generating interest among the media, it’s also a favorite of many bettors to put some money on. While it may seem easy to predict who will win the MVP (shouldn’t LeBron James win every year?), the truth is that it can be quite difficult. That is because the NBA MVP race doesn’t always go to the best player, and instead there are a few other factors that result in the trophy shifting around more than you might think.

For those who want to bet on the NBA MVP award, you will be able to find odds at a variety of legal sportsbooks. Here’s a complete guide to betting on the NBA MVP award in Florida. From the basics such as how to read the NBA MVP betting odds to some advanced data to consider before making your wager, continue reading.

Latest NBA MVP odds

How to read NBA MVP odds

As with all bets, being able to read the gambling odds is key when betting on the NBA MVP. Sportsbooks in the US will use the American odds format, meaning a positive or negative number with three or more digits. A positive number indicates an underdog or something that is less likely to happen, and a negative number indicates a favorite or something more likely to happen.

If it’s a positive number, then the odds represent how much you could win from a successful bet of $100. For example, if Jimmy Butler has odds of +500 on the BetMGM Florida mobile app, then a $100 bet on him could win $500, returning a total of $600 to you.

In general, because there are so many potential MVP winners, all or nearly all of the options will be underdogs, particularly early in the season. However, if you see a negative number, that represents how much you would need to bet to potentially win $100. For example, if there’s an overwhelming favorite with odds of -200 at PointsBet Florida Sportsbook, you would need to bet $200 to win $100, for a total return of $300.

Betting on the NBA MVP in Florida

Before placing your first NBA bet, it’s good to check your sportsbook-specific details. If you place your bet during the offseason, you’ll want to see what will happen if your selection gets injured. Most sportsbooks will consider the bet void if the player never touches the floor, but double-check before placing your bet.

One example of what can happen is the recent suspension of the NBA season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the season stopped, it was not clear if it would resume anytime soon, and sportsbooks had to decide how they would handle the bets. Checking the specific details at your online sportsbook before placing a bet will help you sleep better at night.

Miami Heat candidates

The Miami Heat have been a contender in recent years and even went to the NBA Finals before falling to LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. They continue to add pieces, with a few key players who could be MVP candidates if things break right. Here are some Miami Heat odds for MVP winners

Jimmy Butler

One of the best defenders in the league, Butler has continued to work on his offensive skill set and has evolved into a dangerous scorer in addition to being a lockdown defender.

If the Heat were to go on a big run, Butler would likely be a driving force, which could see him get some MVP attention. The fact that he excels at many different aspects of the game could help his case. Check the latest Jimmy Butler prop odds below; more Butler odds and info here.

Bam Adebayo

When it comes to young big men in the NBA, there are few better than Bam Adebayo. He’s one of the most versatile players in the league and is an impressive passer and defender for his size. Because of his ability to affect the game in so many ways, Adebayo could be a dark horse for MVP. If he can take another developmental leap, he could be among the best players in the league.

Orlando Magic MVP candidates

The Orlando Magic have gone through a tough period for their franchise ever since Dwight Howard left. While they are currently rebuilding, they have started to accumulate a group of young players who have shown promise. If these players can grow as a group together, the Magic could be contenders in the not-so-distant future. Here are some Orlando Magic betting odds for MVP winner.

Cole Anthony

Cole Anthony is a young guard who could be at the forefront of the Magic’s development into a better team. He has a good handle of the ball and is a strong shooter. While he’s still a long shot to win the MVP, he could be in the conversation in a few years.

Anthony would likely need to perform as Stephen Curry did in his MVP-winning seasons to contend for the award. It’s tough for scoring-first guards to win the trophy, as they may appear to be one-dimensional.

Markelle Fultz

A former No. 1 overall selection, Markelle Fultz struggled with his shooting mechanics during his first few years in the league. The Magic acquired him via trade for a relatively cheap price. The fresh start was good for Fultz, and he has started to show more flashes of the player who was a first overall pick.

Like Anthony, Fultz isn’t quite in the MVP conversation yet. However, he still has potential. If he can start to reach it, then he could be an MVP candidate at some point.

NBA MVP betting trends and data

When betting on the NBA MVP winner, you will want to consider some data and trends that can help pick winners. The first thing to look at is past winners. Players who win the MVP tend to come from the top few teams in the league, with strong counting stats.

Thus, looking at the best players on the teams for the upcoming years is a good starting point. You want to ensure that your selection fills the box score and has a good reputation around the league for having a play style that leads to winning.

While analytics are becoming more popular in the basketball world, it’s still only the most popular ones that get referenced when people discuss MVP voting. Some of those include player efficiency rating (PER) and win shares. Despite these becoming more common, there are still plenty of voters who are not fans of advanced analytics.

In terms of positions, centers have struggled to win the award recently due to their decreased role in the modern game. While they were once in the premier position in the league, the transition to a game focused on pace and space has left them somewhat behind.

Past NBA MVP winners

Here are the NBA MVP winners over the past 10 years:

2022-23Joel EmbiidPhiladelphia 76ers
2021-22Nikola JokicDenver Nuggets
2020-21Nikola JokicDenver Nuggets
2019-20Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks
2018-19Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks
2017-18James HardenHouston Rockets
2016-17Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder
2015-16Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors
2014-15Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors
2013-14Kevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder
2012-13LeBron JamesMiami Heat
2011-12LeBron JamesMiami Heat

More NBA futures bets

Besides betting on the NBA MVP, there are other futures bets that you can make on the NBA. Here are a few of the most popular NBA futures bets that can be found at top sportsbooks such as Hard Rock, Caesars and the DraftKings Florida app:

When is the best time to bet on MVP futures?

There is no best time to bet on MVP futures. However, the time frame when you place your futures bet does have pros and cons either way. For example, if you bet early such as in the offseason, you will have less information to use. However, the sportsbooks will also have less information to build their lines, and thus they might not be as sharp.

Betting later in the year means that you will have a better picture of who is in contention for the award. However, there will also be less value in each line as the sportsbooks will have more information to make more precise lines.

Another factor to consider is that sportsbooks will move lines if one selection receives a lot of money. Thus, if you’re planning to bet on a selection whom the public might like, such as someone from a big market or a major superstar, then you may want to bet earlier rather than later. The opposite applies if you’re planning to bet on a player whom you feel others won’t, you may want to wait a bit longer.

Learn more specific house rules for NBA prop betting on our dedicated page here:

Who picks the NBA MVP?

As with many of the major MVP awards, a group of media members selects the NBA MVP. These are official members of the press who follow the NBA and live in Canada and the United States. They rank five choices, and the voting uses a point system to determine the champion.

This has led to some controversial finishes in the past, as the general public may not agree with the player the media selects. People may accuse voters of being too biased toward the bigger markets or the bigger-name players. In addition, media narratives can often play a big role in determining the eventual winner. Most of the time, however, the award’s winner receives an overall positive reception.

Who has won the most MVP Awards in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the most NBA MVP awards ever with six. He played in the league when centers were a much bigger part of most teams’ gameplans, and he dominated. His signature move was the skyhook, one of the most devastating offensive weapons in basketball history.

He also played in the league for a long time and was a part of two of the greatest teams ever: the 1970s Milwaukee Bucks and the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. He’s also the only player to win an MVP during a season when his team missed the playoffs, an achievement that shows how dominant he was that year.