Super Bowl Betting Odds

Online sports betting is not yet active in Florida. This page will be updated with the latest promos, news and odds once Florida sportsbooks launch.

Super Bowl odds are a different ballgame from regular season NFL betting. Betting markets are much more widely available and the list of possible props is mind-blowing.

There are literally hundreds of Super Bowl odds offered at every legal online sportsbook, from which player you think will score the first touchdown to how many catches a certain player will reel in or the passing yards of a quarterback. You can even bet on off-field props like the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach.

Below find a quick guide to the best and easiest ways to bet on the Super Bowl online including current Super Bowl odds direct from Florida online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl 57 odds

During the season all 32 NFL teams will have Super Bowl odds available, although only a select few are pegged as true contenders. Below check the current futures odds for the upcoming Super Bowl. Click on any odds to go right to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and register a new account. your bets. Once the Super Bowl matchup itself is set, you’ll also see the live Super Bowl spread, moneyline and totals odds below.

Super Bowl odds boosts and promos

Sportsbooks are a business. They’re looking to gain you as a customer during this major gambling holiday. This competition leads to the sportsbooks offering great promos, such as risk-free bets, refunds, parlay insurance, odds boosts and free plays.

The Super Bowl brings out dozens of odds boosts at every sportsbook. Check below for some of the top odds boosts available for Super Bowl 57:

Popular Super Bowl bets at Florida sportsbooks

Here’s a rundown of the three most classic bets you can place on the Super Bowl or on any football game:

What is the moneyline?

When betting on the Super Bowl, the simplest way to bet the game is through a moneyline wager. With a moneyline bet, you’re simply picking which team you think will win the game. The moneyline odds are set based on the implied probability of each team winning.

If you are betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are +120 underdogs against the Kansas City Chiefs, a $100 bet on the Bucs would net you a profit of $120. On the other side, the Chiefs would likely be something like -140 favorites. You would need to risk $140 in order to make a profit of $100.

With more and more teams going for two and more kickers missing extra points than ever, moneyline betting is a good way to mitigate the stress of point spread betting. There’s not much worse than betting a team to cover a three-point spread and having them win by only two because their kicker missed an extra point. With a moneyline bet, you don’t need to worry about that.

What is the point spread?

Point spread betting is the most popular way to bet on football games, including the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers set a spread that in theory would make the two teams equal. For example, if the Buccaneers are +3 point underdogs against the Chiefs, oddsmakers are telling you they believe that the Chiefs are three points better.

In the above example, if the Buccaneers win the game outright or lose the game by just one or two points, you’d win your bet. If the final margin of victory by the Chiefs is exactly three points, your bet is a push and your wager is refunded. If you backed the Chiefs at -3, you’d need them to win the game by four points or more in order to cash your ticket. Most point spreads are set at -110 odds, meaning you need to risk $110 in order to profit $100.

What is the over/under?

Over/unders are a lot of sports bettors’ favorite way to bet on games, and the Super Bowl is no different. You don’t have to root for a specific team, you can just root for a fun game or a boring game, depending which side you bet.

Super Bowl totals can be different based on the two teams playing in the game. If two great offensive teams are playing, you’ll likely see a total in the 50s like we saw in 2021. If two great defensive teams are facing off, a total in the high 30s or low 40s might be more appropriate.

With Tom Brady leading the Buccaneers offense, you can expect to see the team put up points. However, Tampa also has a strong defense. For this reason, Super Bowl 55’s final score of 31-9 went well under the total of 56 points.

What are alternate lines?

Sometimes you think the oddsmakers have pegged a game all wrong. Alternate lines are adjusted from the original point spread in both directions at different odds.

In Super Bowl 55, the Buccaneers were three-point underdogs. However, they ended up winning the game by 22 points. Therefore, if you bet them to cover the alternate spread of -4.5 points, you could have gotten a payout in the +250 range. You also could have bet the Buccaneers to cover +10 points, with that line set in the +300 range. On the other side, you could have bet the Chiefs to cover as -10 point favorites or cover as +4.5 point underdogs.

Alternate lines are a fun way to get involved with potentially high payouts if you expect a completely different game than the oddsmakers anticipate.

How do Super Bowl parlay bets work?

Parlays are a fun way to increase your potential winnings, but they come with additional risk. In order to win a Super Bowl parlay, you must win every single bet in your parlay ticket. You can win four bets and lose just one, but your parlay bet would still be graded as a loss.

In the Super Bowl, you can bet on numerous markets at the same time. One simple way to do this is by betting both a side of the point spread and either over or under on the total. Oftentimes, favorites covering will lead to a higher scoring game while an underdog covering will lead to a lower scoring game.

One knock against parlays is how hard they are to win. For that reason, a lot of sportsbooks are now offering parlay insurance. Here, if a certain number of parlay legs hit, you get your money back. Also, sportsbooks are offering the opportunity to cash out early on certain parlays. You won’t get your full payout in the early cash out offer, but at least you’ll get something.

Live in-game betting

Live betting has become a huge part of the sports betting landscape. Bet on games after they’ve started with sportsbooks adjusting the odds based on what has already occurred in the game. The Super Bowl is no different. Plenty of people participate in live betting throughout the game.

With live bets, you can bet on the live moneyline as well as point spreads and totals. Obviously, the Super Bowl betting lines will be different than they were before the game. If a game is low-scoring but you expect the points to pick up, a live bet on the over at a depleted total might be an appealing option.

Super Bowl prop bets

The main difference between Super Bowl betting and regular football betting is the amount of props available. Sportsbooks offer an insane amount of Super Bowl props for bettors. People who have no interest in football can get involved as well.

There are on-field bets, off-field bets, individual player stats such as receptions and yards and plenty of other markets. When all is said and done, there are hundreds to thousands of prop bet possibilities.

On-field props are simple. You’re betting props based on what actually happens on the field. Super Bowl MVP, first scoring play, over/under for yards and first touchdown scorer are examples of on-field props.

The Super Bowl is just as much about off-field entertainment, though. Therefore, there’s a litany for those who don’t care much about the game. Below are some of the most popular Super Bowl props:

  • The Coin Toss: Heads or tails. Fifty percent shot. The second that coin is in the air is exhilarating. And you get instant action to start the game off right.
  • First Scoring Play: Which team will score first? Will it be a touchdown or a field goal? Maybe even a safety like in 2014? Odds are usually fair, and it’s a fun and early bet to root for.
  • First TD Scorer: The odds on the first touchdown bet are usually large, especially if you bet on a fullback to steal a goal line carry or a blocking, third-string tight end to find himself wide open in the end zone.
  • Gatorade Dump: What color will the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be?

For a more extensive run down of all the props available, check or dedicated page here:

Super Bowl MVP Odds

The MVP of the Super Bowl is a popular prop bet as well. If a more random player wins Super Bowl MVP, you might be looking at a huge potential payout. In fact, in the 2014 Super Bowl, Malcolm Smith was such a surprise he wasn’t even listed at most sportsbooks.

In 2019, Julian Edelman cashed as a 20-1 longshot to win the Super Bowl MVP. Then, Von Miller opened as a 60-1 underdog to win the Super Bowl MVP in 2016 before doing just that.

In 56 Super Bowls, a quarterback has won the award 31 times, including seven of the last 10 years. The next most popular positions are running backs and wide receivers, with seven and eight. Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl MVP five times, the most of any player.

Super Bowl futures odds

Long before we know the two teams who will compete in the Super Bowl, you can bet on the winner. Through Super Bowl futures markets, you can try to look smart to your friends while earning a decent payout.

Right after the end of the Super Bowl, the odds for next year’s Super Bowl are released. These odds are based on the perception and strength of each team and are constantly adjusted due to team performance, player transactions and injuries. In the above feed, you can see the current up-to-the-minute odds for the Super Bowl.

If you want a bigger payout for the Super Bowl, look to bet sooner rather than later. The more time remaining in the season, the more uncertainty there is. If the season is rolling and teams are establishing themselves, the market will tighten up. Any potential edges or advantages will dissipate.

If you are looking to play it safe, you can wait until the start of the playoffs to place your futures bet. You might cost yourself a little in terms of potential payout, but at least you know the team you are backing has a legitimate chance to compete for a championship.

When betting on the Super Bowl in the futures market, you’ll want to examine many factors. First off, look at the data and analytics to make sure the numbers back up your hunch. Additionally, make sure there are no major injuries to key players. Finally, consider the team’s schedule and who they’d need to beat en route to winning the championship. Some teams have much easier paths than others.

What are Vegas odds?

Las Vegas has long been known as the sports gambling capital of the country. For a long time, it was the only locale to legally bet on sports. However, with new legislation, many states are in on the action.

Sportsbooks in Vegas and Florida use similar methods to determine their odds. Both use computer algorithms, models and advanced analytics in order to set their lines. The data used by both is similar, so the resulting lines are often mirrored. No longer do you need to search out what the NFL betting lines in Vegas say, including seeking out the Las Vegas Super Bowl odds, because the sports betting odds in Florida are likely the same.

Where is Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl LVII

  • Date: February 12, 2023
  • Location: State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
  • Capacity: 63,400
  • TV Channels: FOX
  • Commentators: TBD

Which sportsbooks have the best Super Bowl odds?

With sports betting legal in Florida, many companies will likely enter the market.

The Seminole Tribe’s Hard Rock Casino will have a huge role in the sports betting landscape, as they already exist in the market. Additionally, expect potential competitors such as a DraftKings app, FanDuel app and BetMGM app to emerge.

Hard Rock Casino

  • Pros: Already locally established and has its roots in Florida
  • Cons: Not a widely established name across the rest of the country


  • Pros: An industry leader with a great app for live betting and plenty of markets
  • Cons: Sometimes its promotions are a little lacking


  • Pros: A top name in the industry, does everything well with little to no issues
  • Cons: Some betting markets are lacking, and the app isn’t as cutting edge as others

How do I open a betting account in Florida?

Before you can bet on the Super Bowl in Florida, you’ll need to pick a sportsbook to register an account. On this page, you’ll see the best sports betting bonus offers from many local sportsbooks. Simply click through the links in order to find one that suits your needs.

Once you pick a sportsbook, you need to register an account. Sign up with your name, date of birth and email address. Pick a secure password for your account. Agree to the terms and conditions. Provide any other necessary information.

Once you’ve created an account, you must now fund your account. Use any of the available deposit methods. If you have claimed free bets, you’ll see those added to your account balance.

Once you’ve funded your account, you can explore all the markets, including the Super Bowl. Make your selections, add them to your bet slip, confirm your bets and you’re ready to go!

Who is the favorite to win the Super Bowl?

There are 32 teams in the NFL, but very few are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. There’s a group of teams expected to be downright bad. Then, there are young teams still a few seasons away from being true contenders. Of course, there are mediocre teams stuck in mediocrity. There are also good teams who are just missing something.

Identifying the favorites to win the Super Bowl will become more obvious as the season rolls on. You’ll notice the teams who are winning consistently and look to be locks to make the playoffs. Of those playoff teams, you can identify which teams are well coached, disciplined, have offensive firepower and play good enough defense to win.

Super Bowl betting odds will constantly change throughout the season, but the same group of contenders should be near the top of the board. As long as Tom Brady is around, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be one of the popular choices to win it all. The same logic applies to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sportsbooks might move odds slightly, but most of the time it’s in order to entice action so they can lessen their liability on certain sides. Check the current favorites for the next Super Bowl in the odds feed above.

How do favorites do in the Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl, there’s not much separating the two teams. These squads ran the gauntlet of the regular season and the playoffs in order to proclaim themselves as the top two teams in the game.

For that reason, we haven’t seen a team listed as larger than a touchdown favorite since 2008, where Eli Manning and the Giants upset the New England Patriots as 12.5 point underdogs.

All time, favorites have gone 28-25-2 against the spread and 36-19 straight up. However, over the last 10 Super Bowls, seven underdogs have not only covered the spread but also won outright. In 2021, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs as three-point underdogs.