Tampa Bay Buccaneers Odds

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While the Bucs have always had a loyal and passionate following, their bandwagon now overflows. The team’s thrilling run that culminated in a win at Super Bowl LV has pushed Tampa Bay into the must-see category.

It’s perfect timing as well thanks to the dawn of legal sports betting in Florida. Fans can bet on the Bucs seven days a week from home, while out catching the game with friends, or even in the stands as they cheer on the Bucs in person.

Here’s your guide to betting on the Buccaneers in Florida, including this week’s game lines and prop odds, Bucs Super Bowl odds, Tom Brady MVP odds and much more.

This week’s Bucs odds: spreads, Super Bowl, props

Florida sportsbook books are flush with Tampa Bay odds and lines every week. Check the latest odds direct from Florida online sportsbooks below. Click on any of the odds to go directly to the sportsbook, grab the latest sportsbook bonus codes and get your bets in on the Buccaneers.

Legal sports betting options in Florida

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This week’s Bucs spread

Bucs Super Bowl odds

Tom Brady MVP, prop odds

Next up: NFC Divisional Round vs Detroit Lions

  • Playoffs: NFC Divisional Round
  • Lions Record: 12-5
  • Lions Offense Rank: 3
  • Lions Defense Rank: 19
  • Location: Ford Field
  • Broadcast: NBC
  • Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024
  • Time: 3:00 PM

Betting Lines And Odds For Buccaneers Vs. Lions

Buccaneers vs Lions Betting Information
Favorite Spread Favorite Spread Odds Underdog Spread Odds Total Over Total Odds Under Total Odds
Lions -6 -115 -105 49.5 -115 -105

The betting insights in this article reflect betting data from DraftKings as of January 21, 2024, 10:37 AM ET.

Buccaneers Betting Trends

Overall Home Away
Point Total AVG 41.3 41.0 41.6
Implied Team Total AVG 23.1 22.3 23.8
ATS Record 11-6-0 3-5-0 8-1-0
Over/Under Record 6-11-0 2-6-0 4-5-0
Moneyline Favorite Record 4-2 3-2 1-0
Moneyline Underdog Record 5-6 1-2 4-4

Buccaneers Stats Insights

  • The Buccaneers are totaling 313.0 yards per game offensively this season (23rd in ), and they are giving up 344.2 yards per game (23rd) on the other side of the ball.
  • Tampa Bay is averaging 20.5 points per game on offense (20th in ), and ranks sixth on defense with 19.1 points allowed per game.
  • The Buccaneers sport the 17th-ranked passing offense this season (224.2 passing yards per game), and they've been worse on the other side of the ball, ranking fourth-worst with 248.9 passing yards allowed per game.
  • While Tampa Bay ranks worst in the in rushing offense with 88.8 rushing yards per game, it's been a different situation defensively, ranking fifth-best (95.3 rushing yards per game allowed).
  • The Buccaneers rank 10th in third-down efficiency (41.5%) on offense and 23rd in third-down conversion rate allowed (40.9%) on defense this season.

Recent Meetings With The Lions

Date Favorite Home Team Spread Total Favorite Moneyline Underdog Moneyline Total Yards Result
10/15/2023 Lions Buccaneers -3 43.5 -162 +136 380-251 DET 20-6 DET
12/26/2020 Buccaneers Lions -12.5 55 -670 +500 588-186 TB 47-7 TB
12/15/2019 - Lions - - - - 495-295 TB 38-17 TB

Buccaneers Player Insights

  • Baker Mayfield has thrown for 4,044 yards while completing 64.3% of his passes (364-for-566), with 28 touchdowns and 10 interceptions (237.9 yards per game).
  • Rachaad White has racked up a team-leading 990 rushing yards (58.2 per game) and tallied six touchdowns. He has added 64 catches for 549 yards with three receiving touchdowns.
  • Chase Edmonds has run for 176 yards (13.5 per game).
  • Edmonds has a "questionable" tag for Sunday's Divisional matchup against the Lions.
  • Mike Evans has been targeted 135 times and has 79 catches, leading his team with 1,255 yards (73.8 ypg) while scoring 13 touchdowns.
  • Chris Godwin has been targeted 131 times and tacked on 1,024 yards (on 83 catches) plus two touchdowns.
  • Yaya Diaby has 7.5 sacks to lead the team, and has also added 12.0 TFL and 39 tackles.
  • Lavonte David has totaled 133 tackles, 17.0 TFL, and 4.5 sacks, and he's tops on his team in tackles.
  • This season Antoine Winfield Jr. leads the team with three interceptions and has added 122 tackles, 6.0 TFL, 6.0 sacks, and 12 passes defended.

Buccaneers Injuries

Player Pos. Injury Practice Participation Game Status Status Date
Ryan Jensen C Knee - out 1/21/2024

Buccaneers 2023-2024 Schedule

Week Date Opponent Favorite Result TV
1 September 10, 2023 at Minnesota Vikings Vikings -4 W, 20-17 CBS
2 September 17, 2023 vs Chicago Bears Bears -2.5 W, 27-17 FOX
3 September 25, 2023 vs Philadelphia Eagles Eagles -6 L, 25-11 ABC (MNF)
4 October 1, 2023 at New Orleans Saints Saints -4.5 W, 26-9 FOX
5 - BYE - - -
6 October 15, 2023 vs Detroit Lions Lions -3 L, 20-6 FOX
7 October 22, 2023 vs Atlanta Falcons Falcons -3 L, 16-13 FOX
8 October 26, 2023 at Buffalo Bills Bills -10 L, 24-18 AMZN (TNF)
9 November 5, 2023 at Houston Texans Texans -2.5 L, 39-37 CBS
10 November 12, 2023 vs Tennessee Titans Titans -2.5 W, 20-6 CBS
11 November 19, 2023 at San Francisco 49ers 49ers -13.5 L, 27-14 FOX
12 November 26, 2023 at Indianapolis Colts Colts -2.5 L, 27-20 CBS
13 December 3, 2023 vs Carolina Panthers Panthers -4 W, 21-18 CBS
14 December 10, 2023 at Atlanta Falcons Falcons -1.5 W, 29-25 CBS
15 December 17, 2023 at Green Bay Packers Packers -4 W, 34-20 CBS
16 December 24, 2023 vs Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars -2.5 W, 30-12 CBS
17 December 31, 2023 vs New Orleans Saints Saints -3 L, 23-13 FOX
18 January 7, 2024 at Carolina Panthers Panthers -4.5 W, 9-0 FOX
WC January 15, 2024 vs Philadelphia Eagles Eagles -2.5 - ABC
Div. Round January 21, 2024 vs Detroit Lions Lions -6 - NBC

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Best NFL bets for Buccaneers games

There’s always a lot going on with the Buccaneers and the rest of the NFL. As you get set to bet on the games, there’s ample info to digest. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get some details on the schedule, next matchup, team news and betting insights quickly and easily? Your wish has been answered. Take a look.

What is the Bucs moneyline?

Moneyline bets are great starting points for new bettors. Understanding moneylines is easy and the bets are simple to place. There’s also value to be found for experienced bettors, depending on the odds. An average listing for this type of wager looks like this on the BetRivers Sportsbook Florida app:

  • Dallas Cowboys +160
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -190

Odds are negative for favorites and positive for underdogs. The difference between the numbers points to the closeness of the matchup, at least in the eyes of the oddsmakers. For this example, the Bucs are decent-sized favorites over the Cowboys.

After the initial release of lines, the odds may move in response to betting action or other factors. For example, a lot of money on the Tampa Bay side could lead to the odds going to -200 or more while the Dallas side adjusts accordingly.

There’s a quick trick to figure out returns on moneyline odds. For negative numbers (betting the favorite), the number tells you how much you have to bet to win $100. For example, taking the Bucs at -190, you’d need to bet $190 to win $100 (plus get your $190 investment back). Positive odds tell you how much you get back on a $100 winning bet. In this case, $100 on the Cowboys at odds of +160 would net you $160.

Returns on moneyline bets depend on the odds. Winning bets on underdogs bring bigger returns, but that’s because oddsmakers see that outcome as less likely to happen. The lower the projected chances of winning, the longer the odds, and the higher the payout if the underdog pulls off the upset. Returns on heavy favorites, by contrast, are much smaller because you’re betting on the team oddsmakers think has a higher chance of winning.

When an underdog bet comes through, you double your money (+100 odds) or more. Returns on favorites that cash in are much more modest because these wagers are more likely to win.

What is the Bucs spread?

The point spread is incredibly popular for NFL betting. It can make even the mismatched games more exciting as it goes beyond which side will win or lose. The side you select has to cover the spread. Spread listings look something like this at online betting sites, such as Caesars and PointsBet Florida.

  • New Orleans Saints +3.5 (-110)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 (-110)

There are two components to the line: the spread set by oddsmakers and the betting odds for the wager. Both numbers can change in response to betting action and other factors. Following the release, a 3.5-point spread could shift to three or four points.

Meanwhile, odds of -110 are the standard starting point, but they can shift by a few ticks. As a result, line shopping is very important here. You’ll want to get your bet in at the best possible price as the odds have a direct impact on the potential return.

Like betting a favorite on the moneyline, a spread bet with odds of -110 means you’d have to bet $110 to win $100. For a standard $100 spread bet at odds of -110, you’re looking at $90.90 coming back on winners. As the odds shift in either direction, your potential return rises or falls. While it may not seem like a big deal, these small differences can add up to a lot.

The choices for the spread bet are the favorite minus the points or the underdog plus the number. The spread tells you the perceived closeness of the matchup. A field goal or less should be a tight game, while a touchdown or more points to a paper mismatch.

It can be challenging to win point spread bets consistently, but those who manage to do so can build out steady and predictable returns. The spread factor makes even the most mismatched of games potentially appealing from a betting perspective.

Bucs totals (over/under) odds

Also known as an over/under, this bet is all about the total combined points scored in the game. There’s a benchmark number set by oddsmakers for the total, along with payout odds attached to both possible choices.

  • Over 49.5 (-110)
  • Under 49.5 (-110)

For this example, the bar is set at 49.5 points. Over bettors are happy with a result of 50 points or more, while those on the under side are hoping for 49 points or fewer. As with the spread, totals odds typically begin at -110 and can adjust from there as the week moves along.

Once again, you’ll want to take the time to shop around. One book could wind up with a total of 51 points or more while others stick at 49.5 or 50. Depending on which side you like, you may be able to get an extra half-point or more cushion, which can mean the difference between a win/push or loss.

There’s a general ballpark range that lets you know what kind of game to expect. If the total is set at 40 points or fewer, it shapes up as a more defensive-minded affair. Games with totals of 50 points or more imply potential shootouts.

You’ll find plenty of games in between those two ranges as well. They can go in either direction, so totals betting is far from easy. However, those who have a good feel for scoring and matchups, or build their skills up to do so, can find success.

As one of the big three pregame bet types for NFL games, over/unders bring in tons of betting volume. When you get a good feel for the market, the listed numbers provide you with a quick snapshot of what kind of scoring to reasonably expect from each game.

Bucs team props, player props & futures

There are plenty of other opportunities to explore beyond the pregame bets. Once you click through a Bucs game listing, you’ll find all of the available props. Meanwhile, you can watch the season as a whole via the futures market.

Props are essentially side wagers you can place on individual players, teams and the game as a whole. From a team perspective, options might include which side will have more rushing yards, while a game prop could be about whether overtime will be needed.

Player props continue to grow in popularity. It’s where fantasy sports and online sports betting meet. Wagers are based on individual accomplishments, such as:

  • How many total TDs for Tom Brady – Over/Under 3.5?
  • Will Rob Gronkowski score a TD – Yes/No?
  • Total receiving yards for Mike Evans – Over/Under 90.5?

While you’ll find similar listings at various sportsbooks, it pays to shop around. For example, HardRock Sportsbook may have props for a player not listed at FanDuel Sportsbook. Meanwhile, the BetMGM Florida app could have better odds than what’s offered at Hard Rock.

There are also season-long props available on individual players, such as an over/under on total passing yards for Brady. These also fall under the umbrella of futures bets, a popular way to bet on the NFL nearly all year round. Top NFL futures options include:

Using the winner of the next Super Bowl as an example, Super Bowl odds come out right after the current Big Game is in the books. There will be odds for all teams in the league, and they’ll rise and fall based on betting action. Odds for a few favorites might look like this.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650
  • Buffalo Bills +1200
  • San Francisco 49ers +1300

If you like the Bucs to pull off the repeat and they do so, a $100 winning bet at odds of +650 returns winnings of $650. Futures bets are another area where line shopping is imperative. You not only want to nail the winner but also get your selections at the best possible odds.

When do the Bucs play on Monday Night Football?

When the new season of Monday night football is announced for the 2023 NFL schedule, we will post the Tampa Bay dates here.

During the last 15 years, Tampa Bay hasn’t been featured prominently on primetime, but that’s changed. In 2020, the club was in one of the windows four times, going 1-3. On an all-time basis, the results have been a mixed bag.

  • Thursday Night Football: 3-9 since 2006
  • Sunday Night Football: 1-2 since 2006
  • Monday Night Football: 12-10 since 1990

Find odds for TNF bets, SNF bets and MNF bets here.

Bucs coaches & bench staff

Todd Bowles took over as head coach of the Buccaneers in 2022, replacing Bruce Arians.

  • Harold Goodwin, Assistant head coach, Run game coordinator
  • Dave Canales, Offensive coordinator
  • Keith Armstrong, Special teams coordinator
  • Larry Foote, Pass game coordinator, Inside linebackers coach
  • Thaddeus Lewis, Quarterbacks coach
  • Joe Gilbert, Offensive line coach
  • Kacy Rodgers, Defensive line coach, Run game coordinator
  • Anthony Piroli, Head strength and conditioning coach

Tampa Bay Buccaneers home games

The Buccaneers entered the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1976. The original homefield was known as Tampa Stadium, a 74,000-seat venue where the team played through the 1997 campaign. The club moved to its current digs in 1998. Here are the details on where you can catch the Bucs in person.

  • Name: Raymond James Stadium
  • Address: 4201 North Dale Mabry Highway
  • Location: Tampa, FL 33607
  • Owner: Hillsborough County
  • Operator: Tampa Sports Authority
  • Capacity: 65,618, expandable to 75,000
  • Surface: Bermuda grass
  • Ground breaking: Oct. 15, 1996
  • Opening date: Sept. 20, 1998
  • Construction cost: $168.5 million
  • Other events hosted: College football, MLS, XFL, Super Bowl, college bowl games, soccer, pro wrestling, concerts

How to watch or listen to Bucs games in Florida

The NFL has broadcasting deals in place with major outlets, so you’ll have no trouble finding the Bucs on the tube. FOX and NFL Network handle Thursday nights, NBC covers Sunday nights, and ESPN has Monday Night Football. When the team is playing on Sunday afternoon, games can be found on either CBS or FOX.

All of the major broadcast networks have affiliates in the Tampa region. You’ll find NFL Network and ESPN on cable, satellite and streaming packages. NFL.com provides streaming coverage of local and primetime games. You can also pick up the feed with the outlet covering the game online or via app, but sign-in credentials may be required.

On the radio side, WXTB-FM serves as the flagship station for Buccaneers broadcasts. Gene Deckerhoff handles the play-by-play with Dave Moore on color commentary. The audio feed can also be picked up online and via radio app.

Bucs facts & trivia

While the Buccaneers are now considered one of the NFL’s elite teams, it hasn’t always been that way. There have been plenty of rough patches over the years, which makes the current run of success that much sweeter. Here’s a look at some of the more notable facts and figures about the NFL franchise in Tampa Bay.

When did the Buccaneers enter the NFL?

The Buccaneers entered the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1976. Initially slotted into the AFC West, they lasted only a season there. The Bucs were then moved to the NFC Central where they remained until the league realigned its divisional structure in 2002. Tampa Bay is now a member of the NFC North.

What are the Buccaneers worth?

Based on the latest NFL franchise valuations from Forbes, the Buccaneers check in with a current value of $2.3 billion. That places them in 29th on the list of 32 NFL franchises. The Dallas Cowboys are on top at $5.7 billion. The team was last sold in 1995 to Malcolm Glazer for $192 million.

How many times have the Buccaneers made it to the playoffs?

Tampa Bay has qualified for the postseason 11 times: six as division champions and five via Wild Card berth. The team’s first playoff appearance came in the 1979 season when they advanced to the NFC Title Game before falling to the Los Angeles Rams. The most recent appearance culminated with a victory in Super Bowl LV.

What numbers are retired by the Buccaneers?

The franchise has retired just three numbers to date:

  • 55 – LB, Derrick Brooks
  • 63 – DE, Lee Roy Selmon
  • 99 – DT, Warren Sapp

The club also maintains a ring of honor. A total of 14 players and contributors have been honored to date, first for Lee Roy Selmon in 2009 and most recently for former defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin in 2020.

Have the Buccaneers ever been favored in the Super Bowl?

The Buccaneers have made it to the Big Game just twice in franchise history, winning both games. The two times they took the field for the Super Bowl, they were underdogs on the final betting line.

Super Bowl XXXVII – Jan. 26, 2003 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA

  • Oakland Raiders favored by four points at kickoff
  • Final score: Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21

Super Bowl LV – Feb. 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL

  • Kansas City Chiefs favored by three points at kickoff
  • Final score: Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9

What’s the longest losing streak in Buccaneers history?

Professional football in Tampa didn’t exactly get off to a great start. The Buccaneers went winless in their inaugural season in 1976, finishing at 0-14. The club opened up the following year with 12 straight losses to push the record to 0-26. The streak was finally broken with a 33-14 win over the New Orleans Saints in Week 13.

Which head coach lasted the longest with the Buccaneers?

The first head coach in franchise history still stands atop the charts. John McKay patrolled the sidelines in Tampa from 1976 through 1984. He coached a total of 137 games, going 44-88-1 in the regular season and 1-3 in the playoffs. Jon Gruden is second on the list with 117 total games from 2002 through 2008.

Who are the Buccaneers’ biggest rivals?

As members of the NFC South, the current biggest rivals for the Bucs are the three other teams that reside in the division: the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints. Prior to the 2002 season, the team was in the NFC Central, which included the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

How much did the Bucs pay Tom Brady in free agency?

In March 2020, the Buccaneers nabbed a big prize off the free agent market. The club agreed to a two-year, $50 million deal with QB Tom Brady. The contract was structured as $15 million in base salary with a $10 million roster bonus for each season, as well as the chance for $3.375 million in bonus money. The club and Brady agreed to restructure the deal after the Super Bowl win to keep him in Tampa through 2022.

Have the Buccaneers ever had the top pick in the NFL Draft?

The Buccaneers have had the top pick in the NFL Draft five times in franchise history. Here’s how they spent them.

  • 1976 – DE, Lee Roy Selmon
  • 1977 – RB, Ricky Bell
  • 1986 – RB, Bo Jackson
  • 1987 – QB, Vinny Testaverde
  • 2015 – QB, Jameis Winston

Jackson never actually suited up for the Bucs. He went on to play pro baseball with the Kansas City Royals. The Buccaneers forfeited his rights prior to the 1987 draft where he was selected by the Los Angeles Raiders in the seventh round.

How many Buccaneers players are in the Hall of Fame?

Seven players and two coaches and executives who spent at least some time with the Buccaneers are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s a look at the players and the years they spent in Tampa.

  • DE Lee Roy Selmon, 1976-84
  • QB Steve Young, 1985-86
  • OG Randall McDaniel, 2000-01
  • DT Warren Sapp, 1995-2003
  • LB Derrick Brooks, 1995-2008
  • WR Tim Brown, 2004
  • S John Lynch, 1993-2003

Buccaneers’ single-season win record

The 2002 Buccaneers went 12-4 before storming through the NFC Playoffs and winning Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders. The club has managed double-digit victories just seven other times. The first came in 1979 when the team went 10-6 and ultimately lost in the NFC Championship game. The 2020 edition went 11-5 before going on to claim victory in Super Bowl LV over the Kansas City Chiefs.

How much are Bucs tickets?

Coming off the Super Bowl win, the Buccaneers are even more of a hot ticket. Season ticket prices were increased for the coming season, and individual game seats have become highly coveted on the resale market. For a general ballpark spot, here are the ranges.

  • Low end seats begin at $46 and go up from there.
  • Average ticket price of $89.48 for 2020.
  • Higher end seats start in the $100s and increase dramatically.

Since seats at Bucs games are now highly sought after, prices on the resale market may vary. As the season moves along, quality of opponent, game time and how the team is playing are among the additional factors that can impact pricing.

Who owns the Bucs?

Hugh Culverhouse was the original owner of the team. The expansion fee for entering the league in 1976 was $16 million. Following Culverhouse’s death, Malcolm Glazer purchased the club from the estate in 1995 for $192 million. According to the latest NFL franchise valuations from Forbes magazine, the Buccaneers are now worth $3.7 billion.

Bucs sportsbook partnerships

The Buccaneers inked a deal with daily fantasy sports company Monkey Knife Fight in 2020, but the club has yet to join forces with a sportsbook or casino entity on the advertising front. Several other teams across the league have done so, so we’ll see what materializes in the future. On a league-wide basis, the NFL recently announced Caesars, DraftKings and FanDuel as its official sports betting partners.

Greatest Bucs individual performances ever

As a club that has been around for over four decades, memorable moments abound in Bucs history. That goes way beyond the pair of Super Bowl crowns earned to date. Here’s a look at three of the more impressive single-games performances in Tampa Bay franchise history.

  • Brady throws for 5 TDs in win over Chargers: Three other Tampa Bay QBs — Steve DeBerg, Josh Freeman and Jameis Winston—have pulled this feat off, but Brady’s stellar performance in this shootout victory takes the cake. He threw for 369 yards on the day and tossed the game-winning nine-yard strike to Ke’Shawn Vaughn in the fourth quarter.
  • Martin goes ballistic in 42-32 win over Raiders: During Doug Martin’s rookie season in 2012, he had himself a day at the expense of the Oakland Raiders. Martin was a one-man wrecking crew as he ran for 251 yards — a Bucs single-game record — and four scores in the road victory. He was a finalist for Rookie of the Year at the conclusion of an excellent debut campaign.
  • Simeon Rice racks up four sacks in win over Washington: From 1999 through 2002, the Bucs made the playoffs four times in a row. The powerful defense of this era was a big catalyst for making that happen. In this 2003 contest, Tampa Bay took visiting Washington to the woodshed to the tune of a 35-13 win. Rice’s stat line included four sacks, six tackles and a forced fumble.

What are the odds the Bucs will get the No. 1 pick in the draft?

The top pick in the NFL Draft goes to the team with the worst record in the preceding season. Tiebreakers are implemented as needed in the event that clubs at the bottom finish with matching records.

The Buccaneers are among the favorites to win the next Super Bowl. Barring something catastrophic happening (injuries to Tom Brady or the entire offensive and defensive lines) the team isn’t likely to be in the high-draft mix.

A trade into the top spot isn’t out of the question, but it would be costly. Clubs that land on the first pick overall would be looking for quite the bounty to swap out: multiple draft picks and other assets.

If all goes according to plan, then the Buccaneers won’t be picking until the latter stages of the first round in 2022. The team last had the first overall pick in 2015, which they used to select Jameis Winston.