BetRivers Sportsbook Florida Promo Code and Review

Despoit BonusDeposit Bonus$500$500

Disclaimer: BetRivers Sportsbook is not yet online in Florida. This review is speculative based on BetRivers product in other states and will be updated when it launches in FL.

As you check out sportsbook options in Florida, you might want to consider BetRivers, one of the rising stars within the US sports betting industry.

BetRivers checks a variety of boxes, from market variety to pricing and user experience. Additionally, the sportsbook provides a slew of promotional offerings, including a 100% deposit matching bonus up to $500.

This page covers the site’s key aspects, with a focus on the following:

  • Bonuses — What promos are on tap for Florida bettors?
  • Market selection — What types of bets can you place at BetRivers?
  • Registration and trustworthiness — Is BetRivers legit? And a how-to on setting up an account in Florida.
  • Banking — Options for depositing and withdrawing funds at BetRivers.
Why choose BetRivers Sportsbook Florida?
  • Plenty of reliable and trusted payment methods.
  • Great welcome bonus and promos for new and existing players.
  • A plethora of betting options.
  • Sports and casino betting with one account.
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BetRivers Sportsbook Florida promo code 2024

New customers in Florida can have BetRivers double their first deposit, up to $500. To claim the 100% matching welcome bonus, you’ll need to enter the code PLAYRIV in one of the registration columns.

Florida SportsbookBetRivers Sportsbook
BetRivers Promo codePLAYRIV
Deposit bonus100% up to $500
Online since2021 in Florida
Last updatedJuly 2024

BetRivers Florida welcome bonus — the fine print

BetRivers’ welcome bonus is pretty self-explanatory — the sportsbook will match the first deposit you make on the site with a $500 cap on the matching funds. Put differently, the sportsbook will double the amount you deposit up to $500 in site credits.

As with pretty much every sportsbook promotion, the introductory bonus at BetRivers comes with several conditions. Some are obvious, such as the fact that you must be 21 or older to create an account to claim the bonus, while others may require further clarification.

  • Use the BetRivers code PLAYRIV when signing up.
  • Your first deposit must be $10 or more to qualify for the bonus.
  • After making the deposit, you’ll receive the matching funds in the next 48 hours.
  • The bonus carries a 1x wagering requirement. To meet this, you must place your wagers at odds of -200 or longer. All bets on games with positive odds will count toward the completion of the requirement.
  • Once you activate the bonus, you’ll have 30 days to clear the wagering requirement.
  • There are no sports or bet limitations.

What’s the final verdict on the BetRivers welcome bonus?

While some other sportsbook sign-up offers may flash bigger amounts, very few of them have such bettor-friendly terms and conditions. We’re mainly referring to the wagering requirements, which can make or break your chances of actually collecting the bonus.

When it comes to deposit matching bonuses, 5x is relatively common, and it can even go up to 25x at some places. BetRivers imposes a rollover of 1x, giving bettors a realistic chance of converting the bonus cash into withdrawable money.

Also, deposit matching bonuses provide more flexibility than the bonus bets you’ll find at some sportsbooks, in the sense that bettors are in control of what they do with the bonus and how they go about clearing the wagering requirements.

Overall, BetRivers’ welcome bonus is one of the finest sportsbook sign-up offers you can pick up as a new customer in Florida.

Can I trust BetRivers?

Yes, BetRivers is a trustworthy and transparent betting company. If you’re looking for a site to place bets securely, a good choice is a company with such a strong presence in the gambling industry. The BetRivers Sportsbook is live in multiple states across the country, with the approval of the regulatory organization for each.

Furthermore, BetRivers would have had to obtain a license from Florida, which would not have happened if the site was running an illegitimate business.

On top of all this, BetRivers’ parent company, Rush Interactive, is a long-established and esteemed name in the gambling sector.

Who can place wagers at BetRivers Sportsbook in Florida?

Any player of legal age (21+ or older) with a valid US Social Security number and located in Florida when placing the bet can use BetRivers. If you’re listed in a relevant self-exclusion program, you won’t be able to access BetRivers or any other sportsbook in the Sunshine State.

BetRivers will use a GeoComply-powered location validator to pinpoint your exact whereabouts when you attempt to place bets. Don’t try to find a way around location checks because that would be against the operator’s terms and conditions, leading to a BetRivers suspension and possibly at other Florida sportsbooks, too.

Getting started at BetRivers Florida Sportsbook

Setting up an account with BetRivers is pretty easy. You’ll be able to manage your way around the registration process even if you’re joining an online sportsbook for the first time.

First, head to the BetRivers homepage and select Florida from the list of states. Then click the yellow button in the top right corner to join. You’ll then need to fill in the following fields:

  • State of residence (doesn’t have to be Florida)
  • Screen name (username) and password
  • Email
  • Bonus code
  • Full name and address
  • Phone number
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can go to the cashier and deposit some funds. To be eligible for the welcome bonus, you’ll need to deposit at least $10. On the off chance that BetRivers FL couldn’t verify your identity, the sportsbook will ask you to submit your license or passport and/or some other proof of identity.

How do I download the BetRivers Florida app?

To complement its sportsbook website, BetRivers has standalone apps for Apple and Android devices from its tech partner Kambi. Both apps have a sleek design with a user-friendly interface and a polished layout, so you should get the hang of them quickly. The download process is similar for both mobile operating systems:

  1. Head to the sportsbook website and select Florida.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for iOS and Android banners.
  3. Make sure you have at least 200 MB of space and your device is up to date, then click on the appropriate button to download and install the app to your device.

Where do I find BetRivers promotions?

The promotions tab appears right next to the states dropdown menu, at the top left of the main lobby. Most of the offers are time-limited, so you should check out the promotional menu every once in a while if you want to stay up to date with what’s on tap at BetRivers as far as incentives for existing customers are concerned.

The sportsbook runs plenty of promotional deals throughout the year, and the program diversifies during high-profile sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series or Grand Slams in tennis. Pair that with a strong deposit matching offer, and you can see that BetRivers has something for new and existing customers.

What types of promotions can I get?

Again, it depends on the promotional calendar and whether you’re accessing the site during the offseason of major sports or during a marquee game or series. Whatever the case, you should find live betting and/or parlay profit boosts that will amplify your potential payouts on certain days of the week. There’s usually a market-specific offer whereby you can get a small portion of bonus bets for placing a wager on a specific sport.

Like other books, BetRivers provides daily odds boosts, which offer inflated prices on certain bets. Long story short, the sportsbook offers plenty of bonuses to keep its existing customers engaged and motivated.

Why should I choose the BetRivers sportsbook app?

Here are some of BetRivers’ strong points to consider as you weigh it against other sportsbook options:

  • User-friendly interface: Although it may take you a while to acclimate to BetRivers’ layout and all the site’s functions, you’ll find the platform highly intuitive once you settle in and explore the landscape a bit. The search bar’s integration has added to the platform’s overall user-friendliness. Instead of wandering around the sportsbook looking for your desired sport or game, you can use the search function.
  • Live streaming capabilities: BetRivers is one of the select few sportsbooks in the US with live streaming coverage. This feature was mainly prevalent at European books, and BetRivers is known for keeping up with the latest trends. You can watch live broadcasts of primetime games at no added cost. The live streams can be an integral add-on to your live betting experience and give you insights into the action.
  • The buy-out feature: Similarly to the cash-out option at some other sportsbooks, you can “buy out” your bets at BetRivers. This is basically a form of early settlement, allowing you to get a portion of your stake back before the event(s) that you bet on have ended. However, if you use this feature, you’ll get a reduced payout compared to the original amount.
  • Jackpot parlay: This is a fun feature that offers the opportunity of collecting a large payout with a small stake. Once you choose the number of selections you want on your jackpot slip, the sportsbook will randomly generate a parlay and your potential winnings. You can also adjust the time and the sports you want to bet on and get a certain degree of control.

What won’t I like about the BetRivers sportsbook app?

BetRivers delivers excellence on most fronts, but there are a few negatives to be aware of, as well:

  • Outdated design: BetRivers certainly isn’t the most visually stunning sportsbook out there due to its slightly dated design compared to other betting sites. Also, the site feels cluttered and off-putting with the salesy casino banners and the news feed about other players’ big wins. It would be a cool feature if not for the fact that the listing occupies too much space, taking away real estate from the important stuff, like the betting menu.
  • No customer support phone number: If you run into any problems at BetRivers, you’ll likely want someone from the support team to solve the issue ASAP. Live chat service will do the trick most of the time, but it would be nice if the sportsbook would add a direct phone line for immediate assistance.

What kind of bets can I make at BetRivers sports betting?

BetRivers provides all the mainstream betting options, including moneylines, spreads and totals, as well as more niche variants — props, futures, parlays and teasers. Here is an example of what a game listing will look like at BetRivers, followed by explanations of the various bets.

SpreadMoneylineTotal points
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-2.5 (-105)-152Over 51.5 (-112)
Miami Dolphins+2.5 (-117)+125Under 51.5 (-109)

Which team is the underdog?

The team with the higher (positive) number is the underdog, while the favorite has negative moneyline odds. In our example, the Miami Dolphins are the perceived underdog, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are favored.

Is ‘win’ the same thing as the moneyline?

Yes, it is. Win and moneyline refer to the same type of wager — picking the outright winner of the game. You can calculate payouts on each side by looking at the odds numbers. In our example, the Buccaneers odds are -152 on the moneyline, which indicates that you would need to wager $152 for a chance to win $100. If they were listed at -155, then you would have to bet $155 to win $100 on a correct bet, and so forth.

If you bet $100 on the Dolphins and your prediction is correct, you would net $125 in profit.

How does the spread level out the game?

The spread balances the playing field between two unequal sides by adding a few scoring units to the underdog’s total or subtracting the same number from the favorite’s total. Looking at our example, the Buccaneers are at -2.5, which signifies that they have to win by at least three points to cover the spread. If they were to win by two points or lose the game, those who bet on the Miami Dolphins would win their spread bets.

Totals: Predicting the game flow

With totals, which are also known as over/under bets, you don’t have to worry about identifying the winning side; you merely have to predict the final total score.

In our example, the sportsbook has projected a combined score of 51.5. If you think total points in the game will be less than that number, then you would bet under. Otherwise, you would place a wager on the over.

Props at BetRivers online sportsbook

Props are wagers that focus on specific segments of a game, with corresponding odds for the potential outcomes. Team props may include these examples:

  • Which team will score the first run in an MLB game?
  • How many threes will the Miami Heat make in their game?

There are also player props that let you bet on the performance of individual players — points, assists, rebounds, runs, TDs and so forth. And game props are wagers on overall game situations, like if an NFL game will go to overtime.

Futures bets

Futures are wagers on long-term outcomes that will settle sometime in the future, hence the name. More specifically, futures deal with the season, series or championship winners, or may also track individual awards.

The odds for futures bets are usually the highest during the preseason when there are still plenty of unknowns as to how each team will perform going into the campaign. As the season plays out, the odds will fluctuate with trades, acquisitions, injuries and wins/losses.

Here are some examples of futures bets at BetRivers:

  • Winners of all six NFL divisions
  • Winners of both NBA conferences
  • American League and National League MVP award winners
  • Winner of the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup bets

Live betting

Live betting refers to placing wagers on a game that’s already started. BetRivers has a pretty extensive live betting coverage, featuring all four major sports in addition to soccer, the WNBA, tennis and more.

The sportsbook will post new odds on the moneyline, spread and totals as the game progresses, changing the gambling lines throughout depending on momentum swings and scoring. Timing is vital with live betting, and you will need to stay alert non-stop and ready to lock in a bet if you see some odds you like.

Can I bet on the Orlando Magic with BetRivers?

The four major sports — NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL — are BetRivers’ bread and butter, so you’ll be able to place bets on the Orlando Magic as well as the Heat and a variety of other professional sports franchises in Florida and the US. If the NBA is your forte, and you’re looking for ways to back the Magic at BetRivers, here are a few NBA betting options in addition to the examples above:

  • Player specials: These are multi-player-based props exclusive to BetRivers and a few other sportsbooks. They combine several statistical categories, namely points, rebounds and assists, into one wager. For instance, you can bet on whether Markelle Fultz’s cumulative PRA (points, rebounds, assists) will be over or under a specified line.
  • Halves and quarters: These wagers are essentially variations of moneylines, spreads and totals, but you’re betting on the outcome of the first half or a specific quarter rather than the full game.
  • Game parlays: With game parlays, you can mix totals with moneylines or spreads for a greater potential payout. For example, you can take the Magic at -4.5 on the spread with over 221 total points at more profitable odds than if you were placing wagers on these outcomes separately.

How do I get money to (and from) BetRivers Sportsbook quickly?

There are a bunch of ways you can deposit funds and retrieve them from your BetRivers sportsbook account in Florida.


  • ACH/VIP Preferred
  • Rivers Play+ Card
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • PayNearMe

All of these funding options are instantaneous, with a minimum deposit of $10.


You can choose from among the following options for withdrawing funds:

  • Check in the mail
  • Online banking
  • BetRivers prepaid card

The cash at the cage payment option will become available if BetRivers makes a deal with a physical casino in the state. At that point, you’ll be able to make instant deposits and withdrawals in person at that location.

How do I get help at the BetRivers online sportsbook?

If you have a burning issue and seek an immediate solution, you should contact the live chat agents via the help center. The service is available daily from 9:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. The sportsbook also utilizes a customer service bot, which you can access via the support chat bubble. However, you’ll probably be better off speaking to a human representative, especially when it comes to complex queries. Finally, there is an on-site message form that will take a bit more time.

How do I exclude myself from BetRivers?

You can self-exclude from BetRivers for one to five years. During that time, you won’t be able to use the sportsbook’s services. Keep that in mind, because there’s no going back. You can also opt for a less-stringent way of managing your spending habits, like setting up a deposit, time or spending limit. You can also activate a cool-off period via BetRivers’ responsible gambling page and temporarily self-exclude for 72 hours.

Can I bet at BetRivers in person?

The location of BetRivers’ retail sportsbook in Florida is still unclear. That will likely change as soon as it announces a partnership.

How does BetRivers compare to other Florida sportsbooks?

Overall, BetRivers is a fine betting establishment and one of the prime contenders in the upcoming Florida market. The sportsbook features a rich betting portfolio, and both of its apps set high marks in terms of feel and usability. As far as bonuses are concerned, BetRivers is a quality option. You might come across a few shortcomings here and there, mainly regarding the structure of the site and its appearance. Bottom line, Florida bettors won’t do themselves a disservice by signing up with BetRivers.