Super Bowl Prop Betting Guide

Online sports betting is not yet active in Florida. This page will be updated with the latest promos, news and odds once Florida sportsbooks launch.

As the Super Bowl’s host state many times through the years, Florida cherishes the Big Game. There’s a captive audience in place and millions of fans more than ready to bet on anything and everything around the event.

While the NFL regular season draws a ton of betting action, legal sportsbooks are always more than prepared to level up for the Super Bowl. Beyond the standard pregame bets, you’ll find odds for virtually anything that happens on the field.

You’ll literally have hundreds of fun Super Bowl props to explore. Here’s everything you need to know to get in on the action at legal Florida online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl odds

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Super Bowl MVP odds

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Where is Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl LVII

  • Date: February 12, 2023
  • Location: State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
  • Capacity: 63,400
  • TV Channels: FOX
  • Commentators: TBD

What is a Super Bowl prop bet? 

You can think of a prop bet like a side wager on individual games, revolving around teams, players or the game as a whole.

When betting on the average NFL game, there are dozens of prop bets available, from the number of TDs expected to the passing yards for each starting quarterback. When it comes to the Super Bowl, though, the prop bet menu expands into the hundreds and beyond the standard categories for, say, a September Sunday slate.

Expect to see odds for props soon after the initial game lines come out. When you visit a Florida NFL sportsbook, just click through the main game listing to see all of the different ways to wager.

Super Bowl player props vs. team props

Prop bets fall into a few distinct categories. There’s a handful that are based on the game as a whole—will overtime be needed, for example—and lots that revolve around the performances of the teams and individual players.

For team props, it’s all about drilling into the matchups to find specific edges, similar to how you’d break down a game in its entirety. Player props are at the intersection of fantasy sports and betting, so those with experience in the former can use it to their advantage.

On the team side, there are lots of dimensions and comparisons to consider. Examples may include:

  • Which side will have more rushing yards—Buccaneers or Chiefs?
  • Who will have the halftime lead—Dolphins/49ers/Tie?
  • Will the Jaguars record a defensive or special teams touchdown—Yes/No?

For player props, many will pertain to specific statistical accomplishments, such as:

  • How many total passing yards for Tom Brady—Over/Under 279.5?
  • Who will have more rushing yards—Travis Etienne or Clyde Edwards-Helaire?
  • Who will score the game’s first touchdown?

The first two examples will have odds on both sides, just like you would find on the moneyline. For props where you have to choose from multiple players, there will be odds for all of the possible choices, similar to what you see in the futures market.

One of the most popular props for the Super Bowl is who will win the MVP award. You’ll see odds for all of the realistic choices. QBs are often favored and win a lot, but other players can take it down with a memorable performance.

Regardless of which props you bet on for the Super Bowl, there are some key points to keep in mind. Here’s a trio to consider.

  • Sports betting odds and offerings can vary across the legal sportsbooks, so be sure to shop around to find what you want.
  • The range of choices can be overwhelming. Focus your efforts on what you have the best feel for and disregard the rest.
  • Budget your funds and spread out the risk and enjoyment across the different ways to bet on the Super Bowl: pregame, props and live betting.

Super Bowl offense vs. defense props

Offense sells tickets and defense wins championships, right? For Super Bowl props, you’ll find choices regarding both sides of the ball. There will even be some special teams props thrown in for good measure.

Over on the offensive side, you’ll find a wide range of choices available for both teams and many players. Things you’ll see include over/unders for players on receptions and carries, yardage and TDs.

  • How many receptions will Mike Evans have—Over/Under 6.5?
  • Leonard Fournette total rushing yards—Over/Under 75.5?
  • Total TDs for Tom Brady—Over/Under 3.5?

For the teams, you’ll see comparisons on which side will do more of something—rushing or passing yards, etc.—as well as props for how they’ll do individually.

  • Which side will have more passing yards—Dolphins or 49ers?
  • Who will have more penalties in the game—Jaguars or Saints?
  • Total rushing yards for Buccaneers—Over/Under 99.5?

On defense, it’s the same story. There will be props for both individual players and teams. While stats for defenders can sometimes fly under the radar, they’ll become more amplified than normal thanks to Super Bowl props.

  • Total tackles for Devin White—Over/Under 9.5?
  • Which side will have a pick six—Dolphins/Rams/Neither?
  • Who will have more tackles plus sacks—Ndamukong Suh or Donta Hightower?

Whether it’s offense or defense, average performance and projections can help you sort through the wide range of available props. Here are a few key tips to follow.

  • Look at the average performance for teams and players in the prop category.
  • Focus on performance during the NFL Playoffs and look for trends, meaning players that have stepped it up versus fallen
  • When you can’t make heads or tails of the over/under and consider it a true toss-up, take a pass and move on to props that speak to you.

Super Bowl crossover sports props

While the eyes of the world will be fixed on the Super Bowl, there are other sporting events that take place that day. You’ll see some crossover prop betting opportunities as a result.

These are props that tie together outcomes from different events on the day. For example, there might be some NBA, NHL or NCAA Basketball games going on for tie-in purposes, or even a PGA Tour stop. That opens up a wide range of possibilities.

  • Which will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday:
    • University of Florida Basketball Points Scored -135
    • The over/under for the Super Bowl +115
  • Who will win on Super Bowl Sunday:
    • Buccaneers and Heat -120
    • Buccaneers and Celtics +105
    • Chiefs and Heat +115
    • Chiefs and Celtics +135
  • What will there be more of on Super Bowl Sunday:
    • Goals in the LightningCanadiens game -140
    • Total punts in the Super Bowl +120

While the Super Bowl is entertaining enough on its own, crossover props let you spread some of the excitement across the entire day. If you make the right call on the first part of the prop, you’ll have that much more rooting interest when the Big Game kicks off.

Can you bet on the Super Bowl national anthem in Florida?

As sports betting is legalized in individual states, specific care is given to what is and isn’t allowed. For a general rule in most locales, wagering is limited to what happens on the field of play.

However, things start to get blurry when it comes to Super Bowl props. One of the most popular annual offerings has to do with the result of the coin flip: heads or tails. There have also been bets allowed on the color of Gatorade used for celebrating on the winning sideline.

Some states have drawn a line in the sand with other entertainment-related props such as the over/under on the time it will take to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Here in Florida, we’ll have to wait for the final rules before the next Super Bowl.

Other props aren’t allowed under U.S. law yet still attract attention, such as the number of celebrity sightings in the crowd or the number of gambling terms used by the broadcast team.

If you see items like this offered by a sportsbook, you’ve likely encountered an illegal or offshore operator. In this day and age, with an abundance of legal options available, there’s no justification for taking your business there.

Most famous Super Bowl prop bets

One of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history can also be pointed to as the one that turned prop betting into the phenomenon it is today. It was Super Bowl XX in 1986. The Chicago Bears destroyed the New England Patriots, 46-10.

There was some additional rooting interest thrown into the game courtesy of Las Vegas sportsbooks: Will William “The Refrigerator” Perry score a TD? The bulky defender was used at times on the goal line during the regular season and became a Chicago cult hero in the process.

On the big stage, his number was called again, and he hit paydirt, as did bettors who took their chances on Perry finding the end zone. In the years since, we have seen a number of entertaining prop bets that have achieved legendary status.

  • Foles scores on the Philly Special: The odds were long on Nick Foles scoring a TD in Super Bowl LII against the New England Patriots, but he made it happen.
  • Slash to pass, run and catch: Kordell Stewart was a triple-threat weapon for the Steelers. The trifecta didn’t pay off in Super Bowl XXX versus the Dallas Cowboys when he failed to attempt a pass.
  • Jordan vs. the 49ers: The question was who would score more points on Super Bowl Sunday in 1990: the 49ers or Michael Jordan? San Francisco bettors came out on top with a final tally of 55-39.

The entertainment value of props of this nature can be high. There’s nothing wrong with taking a shot or two for sheer fun, but keep it reasonable and don’t go overboard. As a quick example, here’s how you could allocate a $100 betting budget for the Super Bowl.

  • $50 for pregame bets—moneyline, spread or total
  • $10 for Super Bowl MVP
  • $10 for live betting during the game
  • $20 for other props you feel strongly about—TDs, yardage, defense, etc.
  • $10 for props with an entertainment or crossover twist—coin toss, etc.

How to bet on Super Bowl props online in Florida

In order to bet on the best Super Bowl prop bets, you’ll need an account with a legal Florida sportsbook. Getting set up is quick and painless. Here’s how to do it.

  • Click on our exclusive links.
  • Follow the instructions and create your account.
  • Claim the latest sportsbook bonuses and make a deposit.
  • Find the Super Bowl odds section at the sportsbook.
  • Get familiar with the basic NFL betting rules.
  • Review the odds and get ready to bet.

You can be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Before kickoff, you’ll be able to bet on all of the main pregame wagers and a whole slew of props. After the game starts, live betting takes over and you’ll have plenty of different chances to get in the game.

Always be sure that you’re taking your business to legal and regulated books. Despite the rise in legitimate options, there are still plenty of illegal offshore entities advertising on the web. Don’t take the bait.

If you see props that are too good to be true from a sportsbook that’s not under U.S. jurisdiction, keep on shopping. All of our recommended operators pass the smell test, so just stick with them for all of your Super Bowl bets.