Sportsbook House Rules for NHL Betting

Online sports betting is not yet active in Florida. This page will be updated with the latest promos, news and odds once Florida sportsbooks launch.

After the Tampa Bay Lightning won back-to-back Stanley Cups, NHL hockey became one of the the Sunshine State’s fastest-growing betting sports. But if you want to bet on the hottest game on ice, you should learn the house rules.

Sportsbooks have their own way of handling NHL bets and the different situations that present themselves in NHL games. They’ve even got their own language when it comes to talking about NHL betting.

Betting on the NHL means working your way through all of that as much as all the NHL odds and lines. Put simply, there are house rules sportsbooks follow when it comes to basic NHL betting procedures and payouts.

Here’s a quick look at all the basic hockey betting rules with which you should make yourself familiar in Florida.

Basic sports betting rules in Florida

Most Florida sportsbooks adhere to the following basic betting terms and conditions:

  • Players must be 21 years of age or older to bet with retail and online sportsbooks in the state.
  • Players can own only one account with each Florida online sportsbook.
  • Sportsbooks can refuse any bet.
  • Sportsbooks can limit the size of any bet.
  • Players cannot cancel a bet once it is confirmed.
  • Sportsbooks can limit the size of a payout despite the size of the bet or the odds.
  • All wins are subject to federal income tax on gambling winnings, and it is a player’s responsibility to pay it.
  • Sportsbooks take no responsibility if a player reveals any account information and/or passwords to anyone else.

Basic terms and conditions for odds & lines

Most Florida sportsbooks will also adhere to the following basic terms and conditions regarding sports betting odds:

  • Bets can be voided and returned if a line is posted by an obvious mistake.
  • Bets can be voided and returned when games are rescheduled for another day.
  • All bets on pregame lines are voided and returned when placed after the beginning of a game.
  • Bets on the next score are voided and returned when a game ends before the next score is recorded.
  • In-game bets are voided and returned if the odds change before the bet is placed and confirmed.

Betting rules particular to the NHL

Most Florida sportsbooks post the following NHL-specific terms and conditions:

  • All bets are settled based on the statistics and results provided by the NHL and its official website.
  • Player markets and other markets that are stat-dependent are settled once games are final and the necessary statistics are available on the NHL’s official website. Any later changes do not count.
  • If the NHL fails to provide a statistic or result on its website, sportsbooks will use another reputable statistical source to settle bets.
  • Bets stand in NHL games halted with five minutes or fewer remaining and deemed completed by the NHL; otherwise, halted games must be finished within 48 hours or all bets are voided and returned.
  • Bets stand on halted NHL playoff games and are settled upon completion of the game at a time determined by the NHL, even if it’s beyond 48 hours.
  • All bets are voided and returned if an NHL game is halted and replayed in full.
  • Bets stand on NHL games if the venue is changed and the home team remains the same. Bets are voided and returned if the home team changes.
  • All NHL game bets include overtime unless otherwise stated.

Specific NHL betting market rules

Most Florida sportsbooks stick to the following rules concerning specific NHL betting markets:

  • All Pre-Game Markets Excluding Overtime bets are concerned only with the three 20-minute periods of regular play in an NHL game.
  • In Period markets, the specific period must be finished for bets to stand unless the result has already been determined.
  • All Period bets exclude overtime unless otherwise stated.
  • Zero counts as an even number in Odd/Even Scoring markets.
  • Neither is a legitimate result in Race to Goals
  • There is no push in any Three-Way Spread bet.
  • Over bets win Time Of 1st Goal bets if no goals are scored in regulation time.
  • Draw bets win Highest Scoring Period bets if two or more periods have shared the highest number of goals.
  • Draw bets win Winning Margin bets if regulation time ends with the score tied.
  • The full 10 minutes must be completed for bets to stand in 10-Minute markets unless the result of the bet has already been determined.

NHL props and futures rules

Most Florida sportsbooks hold to the following NHL props and futures:

  • NHL First/Last/Anytime Goalscorer bets are voided and returned on players who do not play.
  • Shootouts do not count in NHL player props markets.
  • Neither bets win Next Goal bets if regulation time ends without another goal.
  • Stats accrued during overtime count in Player Performance, Goal Scorer, Goalie Performance and Goalie Shutout
  • The goalie must play the entire game without giving up a goal for Yes to win in Goalie Shutout bets.
  • Bets on Stanley Cup/Conference Champion/Division Winner/Presidents’ Trophy Winner stand even if the NHL officially declares a winner because of a change in season length, team relocation or team name change.
  • Eastern and Western Conference winners are the teams that make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • All Name the Finalists/Exact Result bets stand unless the Stanley Cup Finals are not played
  • NHL Regular Season Points/Wins bets are voided and returned if a team does not complete 97% of its scheduled regular season games unless the remaining games would not affect the result.
  • To make the NHL Playoffs bets are voided and returned if the playoffs are not held.
  • NHL Playoff Series bets are voided and returned if the specified number of games in the series are not held.
  • All NHL Awards bets stand unless the award is not given out.

More NHL sportsbook rules explained

What happens when a bet is voided or results in a push?

No matter what the reason, if a bet is voided or the result is a push, your original bet will be returned to you. Of course, you have to wait for the NHL to determine the result of the game and make all the stats “official” first. After that, your original bet amount will be put back into your account online. If you placed the bet in person, your ticket will entitle you to a refund at the window.

What happens when a sportsbook makes a mistake?

Sportsbooks might make a mistake from time to time, but most will be reversed immediately after the error is found. Sportsbooks also have what’s called a “palp rule,” allowing them to void all bets on NHL lines that are posted in error, as long as that error is palpable, which means tangible, or obviously real. That said, in 2018, FanDuel Sportsbook chose the good press they received by paying out an $85,000 win on an NFL in-game bet posted at 750-1 when the odds should have been closer to 1-6 rather than invoke the palp rule.

What is “no actioned”?

A bet that is “no actioned” is voided, for whatever reason, and the original bet is returned to the player. Bets on NHL games are considered either in action or no actioned for various reasons. For example, if you bet on a player to score in an NHL game and he doesn’t play, that bet is no actioned.

Can I cash out from a sportsbook when I’m outside the state?

You can withdraw every penny from your online sportsbook account whenever you like from wherever you are. The funds will be returned to you the same way you deposited them, or alternative arrangements can be made. The only thing you can’t do at a Florida online sportsbook from outside of Florida is place a bet.

What recourse do I have for disputes over bets, payouts, balances, etc.?

Florida lawmakers just created a new state gaming commission and its law enforcement arm. However, the Seminole Tribe, set to run retail and online sports betting across the state, stands outside of the purview of the new five-member Florida Gaming Control Commission and 10-person Division of Gaming Enforcement. These two bodies are going to focus on illegal gambling, and the tribe will police itself. That means the Seminole Tribe, Seminole Gaming and Seminole Hard Rock International are where you’ll have to turn for disputes over bets, payouts, balances, etc.

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