Florida’s Odds On Compliance To Merge With U.S. Integrity

Written By Darren Cooper on October 5, 2023 - Last Updated on October 6, 2023
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U.S. Integrity and Florida-based Odds On Compliance have announced intentions to merge this week. The company would retain the U.S. Integrity name.

The merger promises to create a one-stop shop of regulatory tech solutions and expertise in an ever-changing sports betting landscape.

It is contingent on shareholder and regulatory approval, which should happen later this month.

Companies will combine monitoring and compliance services

Florida sports betting remains bogged down in courts. It’s uncertain when it could return after enjoying a brief time in 2021 when it was legal.

U.S. Integrity has made its name by monitoring bets made on sports events, mostly at the college level. It focuses on protecting against fraud and corruption. The company began in 2017 and is based in Las Vegas and New York. It has multiple partnerships with sports teams and leagues, including with the Big 12 Conference.

Along with monitoring games to detect suspicious betting activity, it provides education to teams and athletes on how to protect themselves in a constantly-changing sports betting environment.

Odds On Compliance was founded in 2021. It serves US, Canadian and Latin American markets and recently expanded to Europe. It has mainly been focused on sports betting and the iGaming sectors. Online casino companies hire Odds On to monitor their activity to make sure they stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

The company also audits for money laundering schemes or unusual betting practices. Eric Frank, CEO of Odds On, who will be appointed as president of the new combined company, said the merger makes sense for both companies.

“This merger is a testament to our joint commitment to helping the industry navigate the complexities of this rapidly growing and highly regulated sector. This fusion of strengths will enable us to offer a comprehensive suite of compliance and integrity technology products and services.”

Matt Holt echoed Frank’s sentiments. The CEO of U.S. Integrity will remain CEO after the merger.

“We are thrilled to unite the strengths of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance to create a firm that is poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the sports betting and gambling compliance industry.”

Seeds of the merger started with ProhiBet

Before announcing the merger, the two companies worked together to create ProhiBet. It launched Sept. 1. It’s touted as a technological solution to ensure that athletes, coaches and leagues, as well as school administrators, remain complaint with the complex laws in each state, and the NCAA, that govern sports betting.

ProhiBet is utilized by the Big 12, UFC, AAC and Hard Rock Digital. The new U.S. Integrity promises a stronger geographic reach, continued innovation and a commitment to creating solutions that drive success and sustainability.

In less-jargon speak, it means they will carry the responsibility of educating and monitoring athletes and administrators to prevent any gambling irregularities.

Leagues still changing penalties for betting on sports

Rules surrounding sports betting for professional and collegiate athletes continue to evolve. Just last week, the NFL amended its rules on gambling. It reduced the penalty for prior violations to four games instead of six. It also raised the suspension of a player to two years if he’s found to have bet on a game involving his team.

Betting on sports other than on NFL games now comes with a two-game suspension without pay on first violation.

The NCAA bans all college athletes from betting on any college games, but there are also different rules on collegiate betting in some states. Some don’t allow sports betting on any in-state schools (New Jersey is one), while others don’t allow prop bets on college games.

Where the new U.S. Integrity fits in is understanding the different rules and explaining possible punishments to its clients. Along those lines, U.S. Integrity partnered with the American Gaming Association in April as part of its “Have a Game Plan” public service campaign to promote responsible gambling among its network of teams.

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