About PlayFL

PlayFL publishes information about legalized gambling in Florida. If you’re curious about who we are, how we work or what to do if you need to reach us, you are on the right page.

What is PlayFL?

First and foremost, PlayFL is one of the most prominent sources of news and information about Florida’s gaming options on the internet. We have pages about the places you can visit, the kinds of games you can play and what gambling activities you can expect to find moving forward.

PlayFL is also an affiliate marketing website. We partner with legal gambling providers in the state to provide gambling bonuses you can claim. However, our affiliate partners do not have any editorial control or influence over the content we produce beyond their advertising. We are a news site first, covering relevant stories concerning legal gambling in Florida as they occur.

PlayFL is part of a network of similar affiliate sites owned and operated by Catena Media. Catena Media is a publicly traded international corporation headquartered in Malta and listed on NASDAQ Nordic. Everything we do is available for regulatory scrutiny where interested regulators have jurisdiction. We do not and will never cover, promote or do business with offshore gambling sites. Catena’s business is strictly confined to legal gambling.

Catena Media is licensed as a registered vendor in each state where a license is necessary. This is not a requirement in Florida currently. Still, if the state government decides that media outlets in general or Catena Media specifically must apply for a license, we will do so.

The PlayFL mission

By keeping our readers informed with up-to-date information, PlayFL is devoted to maximizing the experience of each Florida gambler. Whether it’s brick-and-mortar or online gaming, we seek to give you the rundown on legal gambling options in the state.

The PlayFL editorial process

The first step for any PlayFL news story is to gather the information. Not just a summation of the information from a third party, but the source itself.

For example, when discussing or recapping one of the several legal updates in the Florida sports betting lawsuit, PlayFL writers will comb through the legal documents filed with the court to retrieve the relevant information. Or if it’s a regulatory issue, our writers will contact the Florida Gaming Control Commission or other law enforcement officials for clarification.

What PlayFL does not publish is gossip, rumors or hearsay. We publish stories and pages only after we have confirmed them. We may publish opinion pieces from time to time, but the claims in the story will be from accurate reporting and objective data. PlayFL is not a rumor mill.

The next step is to write the piece. Every writer with a byline on PlayFL is either a full-time employee of Catena Media or a heavily vetted freelancer with existing contracts. We do not accept guest submissions or posts at any time. PlayFL generates all of its content internally and in collaboration with our editors and reviewers.

Then, copy and content editors begin a detailed refining procedure. These individuals have years of experience in editing and gambling. Multiple sets of eyes correct the piece for grammar and appearance and fact-check the claims made by the writer. Every word on the site goes through a review by the site’s managing editor, Jason Jarrett.

The final step is in your hands. Although we strive for authenticity and accuracy at all times, sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you see any information you believe to be incorrect, please let us know by contacting Jason Jarrett directly. Please describe the page in question and/or provide a link.

Would you like to join us?

PlayFL is always looking to build its team of experienced reporters. We especially welcome those who are familiar with the gambling industry (particularly in Florida). Having experience reporting news or writing for internet-based outlets is also desirable. Possessing some knowledge of SEO best practices is a bonus as well.

If you meet some or all of these criteria and want to become part of the PlayFL team, send us a note.

You can also check out the Catena Media careers page to find out about other opportunities in our network. All of our positions are fully remote.

Getting in touch with PlayFL

The PlayFL staff is available to anyone including others in the media seeking information and understanding of any aspect of Florida gambling. Have a question about current legal gambling options in the state? Need insight into Florida tribal casinos, pari-mutuel facilities, racetracks or the Florida Lottery? Want to know the latest regarding efforts to legalize sports betting in the state? You can direct such inquiries to Jason Jarrett, managing editor of PlayFL.

For any other questions or if you just want to get in touch, feel free to write us at [email protected].

Contact information

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