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PlayFL covers all facets of legal gambling in Florida, including ongoing legislative efforts to expand gambling in the state. We are the top local resource of information about all aspects of Florida gambling, covering the casinos, pari-mutuel facilities, card rooms, racetracks, lottery and more.

Read on to learn more about the PlayFL team and what we do, as well as to learn how to get in contact.

Introducing PlayFL

First and foremost, PlayFL is an affiliate news site. We are part of a larger network of news sites called Catena Media. The network includes dozens of sites reporting on the gambling industry all over the US, including many other state-specific sites like PlayFL.

Like all of the sites in the network, PlayFL only covers legal gambling sites. Sites that are not licensed to operate in Florida are not our concern. That includes “offshore” or “rogue” sites that may solicit FL players but that are not legal in the state. When it comes to those sites, you’ll find the only attention we pay them is to warn readers about the considerable risks associated with playing on them.

Our affiliate partnerships are exclusively with top gambling companies that offer legal and regulated gambling options. You will see advertisements for such companies on PlayFL, although none of these companies contributes in any way to our reporting or has any influence over any of the content we publish.

The PlayFL mission

By providing up-to-date information about legal Florida gambling and all of the latest news affecting it, PlayFL strives to improve the experience of Florida gamblers. We design our informational pages primarily for those in Florida who seek details about different gambling options in the state. Our news reporting is likewise catered toward Floridians wanting to know the latest developments regarding existing gambling options and any potential expansion of legal gambling in the state.

Additionally, we at PlayFL strongly support responsible gambling. You’ll find information here about responsible gambling and resources where those suffering from problem gambling can get help. You’ll also find this position reflected in our reporting. Indeed, we believe at PlayFL that accurately reported news and information about gambling in Florida significantly contributes toward improving gamblers’ safety and security, which in turn helps create conditions for a more positive experience for those who engage in gambling.

The editorial process we follow

All of the articles and informational pages on PlayFL undergo a similarly thorough review process before publication. Such a process helps ensure

When it comes to decided what stories to report or what informational pages to include, our editorial team frequently meets and often collaborates closely to make such decisions. Once we’ve chosen our subjects, we consistently seek to support our reporting with primary sources whenever possible.

That sometimes means talking directly to the newsmakers such as the legislators who are introducing new gambling bills, the gambling officials charged with regulatory oversight, or the gambling operators who provide the games. We’ll also consult legal documents and other primary materials. Such a procedure helps ensure journalistic integrity and avoids the pitfalls often resulting from relying on second-hand information or (worse) gossip and hearsay, none of which you will find here at PlayFL.

Once an article or page has been completed, the process then involves multiple readers providing feedback and help with revision. Every piece is fact-checked and carefully proofread to eliminate any surface-level issues. PlayFL managing editor Steve Schult likewise reviews each item for accuracy and tone before publication.

Such an extensive process often guarantees our work is free of errors, although if you happen to catch anything you think might need another look don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to provide accurate and dependable reporting on Florida gambling, and thus are more than happy to make corrections when needed.

PlayFL’s team of writers

Every member of our staff at PlayFL has years of experience in journalism and/or the gambling industry. Our writers come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some have reported for major newspapers, magazines and other outlets. Some also have direct experience working in casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and other areas of the gambling industry.

While our staff has special expertise and knowledge regarding Florida gambling, our writers also have experience reporting on gambling and/or sports in a variety of local markets as well as on the national stage. Many of us also have experience with gambling ourselves, enjoying wagering on sports, playing poker, or other forms of legal gambling, thereby adding further to our knowledge and ability to provide content of particular value to Florida gamblers.

Would you like to join us?

PlayFL is always looking to build its team of experienced reporters. We especially welcome those who possess familiarity with the gambling industry (particularly in Florida). Having experience reporting news or writing for internet-based outlets is also desirable. Possessing some knowledge of SEO best practices is an added bonus as well.

If you meet some or all of these criteria and think you might like to become part of the PlayFL team, send us a note.

You can also check out the Catena Media careers page to find out about other opportunities in our network. All of our positions are fully remote.

Advertising on PlayFL

As noted above, PlayFL is an affiliate news site. Therefore we do have partnerships with companies that offer legal gambling to Floridians and elsewhere.

Our affiliate partnerships do involve promotion of certain sites in the form of advertising. All ads that appear on PlayFL are the result of such agreements. Also, we mark all advertising or present it in a way that makes it apparent they are indeed ads. In other words, you won’t find any promotional content masquerading as news items here.

Note that we pursue such affiliate partnerships ourselves and do not solicit advertising or accept paid advertising offers. We appreciate such interest, but we restrict our advertising to our affiliate partners only.

Meanwhile, PlayFL is committed to providing accurate and objective reporting on all aspects of legal gambling in Florida. As a result, none of our affiliate partners has any say over what we report or how we do so. Our managing editor and staff make all of the editorial decisions with no outside input. Such independence is crucial to our effort to provide most comprehensive and trustworthy information and news about Florida gambling.

Getting in touch with PlayFL

The PlayFL staff is available to anyone including others in the media seeking information and understanding of any aspect of Florida gambling. Have a question about current legal gambling options in the state? Need insight into Florida tribal casinos, pari-mutuel facilities, racetracks or the Florida Lottery? Want to know the latest regarding efforts to legalize sports betting in the state? You can direct such inquiries to Steve Schult, managing editor of PlayFL.

For any other questions or if you just want to get in touch, feel free to write us at [email protected].

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