Editorial Guidelines

PlayFL is committed to providing trustworthy and comprehensive coverage of gambling news in Florida. We guarantee that our content is accurate, timely and written by experts in the gambling industry.

The internet can sometimes be like the Wild West. In some instances, it can be tough to be completely sure about the veracity of the information you are receiving.

Our editorial guidelines are designed to ensure you will never have such doubts when visiting PlayFlorida to learn about all things gambling in the Sunshine State. Here are some details to help you understand how we gather information, how we write about it, and how we ensure that our information is not only accurate but also newsworthy.

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PlayFL and the law

The most important thing about gambling is that you follow the law. We at PlayFL do not recommend or condone gambling at unlicensed, unregulated or illegal casinos, sportsbooks or poker rooms. Instead, we write about online or in-person gambling outlets that are in compliance with both federal and state law. We take great pains to explain how US and Florida laws explicitly allow those facilities to operate. If it’s not legal, we do not want you to do it.

As such, we do not support, cover or do business with any offshore or unlicensed gambling sites. PlayFL is part of the Catena Media news and affiliate network, which is a licensed company in several jurisdictions inside the US and around the world.

We also strive to cover Florida’s gambling scene with a minimum of bias or personal opinion. Our mission is to serve as your best source for facts about what’s happening with gambling in the state. Obviously, it’s impossible to strip every hint of our own inclinations out of our writing, but we are not in the business of giving you an opinion. We simply present what’s happened, and it’s up to you to decide where you stand.

How we gather information

Our writers and editors have decades of experience in both gambling and journalism, and they may even have been in more casinos and sportsbooks than anyone you know. Every article or page we publish has been considered, crafted and revised by people who know gambling at its core.

PlayFL has the experience, the contacts and the resources to secure definitive information for every story we present. If a proposed law would change the face of Florida gambling, we will endeavor to speak with the  legislation’s author. If we’re mentioning relevant statistics about Florida’s gambling industry, our data almost always comes directly from the Florida Gaming Control Commission or the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering.

In rare instances when our information does not come directly from the source, we are extremely cautious and vigilant about proceeding. We are not in the business of entertaining gossip or hearsay. PlayFL does not merely pass along unsubstantiated “word on the street.” If we cannot verify with an independent source that a piece of information is correct, we will not use it.

Stages of the publishing process

Though our writers are top-notch, we do not simply publish their first drafts without a second thought. All content on PlayFL is subject to revision and editing. We check for factual accuracy as well as the fundamentals of writing.

PlayFL managing editor Steve Schult is a seasoned professional in the gambling industry and experienced writer and editor who reviews every word that we publish. In some cases such a review may also reveal spots that demand revision for additional clarity or to guard PlayFL’s commitment to impartiality.

At this time, PlayFL does not accept submissions or publish reader-generated content. However, we always credit the original sources that we use for our reporting.

Accuracy and quality control

Gambling is a moving target. The legalities, nuances and very landscape for gambling in Florida can change rapidly. When changes occur, we will obviously report those changes. However, the constant evolution of Florida gambling may also require updates to some of our existing informational pages.

We monitor the content of PlayFL’s pages very carefully and update all of them with any changes that occur. If the change is a paradigm shift in the way that Florida does business, then we will rewrite our pages completely. Then, the new page will move through the same editorial process described above. Even though it can be painstaking at times, we are committed to our guarantee that our pages be correct and up-to-date.

Advertising on PlayFL

We are flattered by requests to advertise on our site. However, PlayFL neither offers nor accepts advertising contracts from external sources.

To err is human

As much as we strive to make sure that our reporting is accurate and current, mistakes do happen every so often. If we catch an error, we will fix it on the spot. However, if we don’t catch it, drop us a line. The last thing we want to do is give anyone incorrect information.

Understanding our business model

Unlike traditional media sources, we do not make money through the sales of advertising space. Instead, we partner with in-state casinos and online gambling sites to offer you bonuses and promotions. We make money through affiliate partnerships.

However, we will never ignore, misrepresent or omit mention of any site, regardless of our standing with it. We will also never consult with our partners regarding the direction of our reporting. None of our partners has any editorial input regarding the content we provide at PlayFL. All editorial decisions are entirely handled by our managing editor and staff.

Let us hear from you

Although we already mentioned how to contact us if we get something wrong, you don’t have to wait for bad news before you reach out. We always want to know what information you’re trying to find, what pages you enjoyed reading and what you wish we would report. Shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’ll be in touch shortly.