PrizePicks Fantasy Florida Review & Promo Code

When you sign up for a new profile with PrizePicks DFS, you’ll get a 100% first deposit match up to $100. There is no PrizePick promo code needed to claim this special bonus offer. After using the PrizePicks promo code, register and make your first deposit of $10 or more to instantly double your money at PrizePicks.

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Part of what has made PrizePicks so popular is its new and unique approach to daily fantasy sports. PrizePicks makes DFS simple with its single game mode. Instead of drafting players and building a team under a salary cap, you just choose whether a player will achieve more or less than the given line for a certain stat.

PrizePicks is also considered a fantasy app, which means it is subject to far fewer restrictions and regulations than a traditional sportsbook. That means PrizePicks is more widely available—30 states across the US including Florida. Plus, you only have to be 19 or older to have a PrizePicks account, so it’s great for folks who aren’t yet 21 or live in a state where sports betting is not legal.

PrizePicks Florida bonus for July 2024

Sign up with PrizePicks Fantasy in July, and claim a $100 welcome bonus. Just use the PrizePicks Fantasy promo code PLAYFL to be eligible.

PrizePicks FL Bonus CodeNone needed
Sign-up Bonus100% deposit match up to $100
Minimum Deposit$10
Deposit OptionsCredit card, PayPal
Promotions• Taco Tuesday via PrizePicks Discord
• Rotating daily offers
• $25 Friends & Family referral bonus
Promo Valid As OfJuly 15, 2024

What to know about the PrizePicks welcome bonus

When you sign up for a new account with PrizePicks, you’ll automatically receive the operator’s welcome bonus. PrizePicks will match your first deposit at a 100% rate up to $100. Thus, if your first deposit is $20, you’ll get a $20 bonus. In turn, if you deposit $100, you’ll receive $100 in bonus funds (the maximum match).

Essentially, PrizePicks is offering to double your money when you start on the app. Just be sure to use the PrizePicks promo code PLAYFL to be eligible for the $100 bonus. Just head to the PrizePicks betting website, register for a new account, and get your own welcome bonus today.

There are some terms and conditions to note. First, your initial deposit must be at least $10 to activate this offer. The bonus funds are non-withdrawable and must be played through once before they can be redeemed for real cash. You must use the bonus funds within 90 days of receipt, or they will expire. Finally, this offer is limited to once per user and can be claimed only in legal states.

How does PrizePicks Fantasy work?

PrizePicks has created a clever yet simple approach to daily fantasy sports. Instead of you competing against other users and drafting a full team of players while trying to stay below the salary cap, PrizePicks asks you to do just one thing: choose whether a player will go over or under a given projected stat line. This process is very similar to how prop betting works at traditional sportsbooks, allowing users to make picks and wager money in just a few short minutes.

There are a ton of different sports and leagues at PrizePicks Fantasy, and the available stats to make picks vary by sport. PrizePicks has lines on everything from the NFL and NBA to cricket and League of Legends. With a sport like football, you can make picks on stats like total touchdowns, rushing yards, fantasy points, and more. For basketball, you can choose more/less on things like three-pointers, fantasy points, Pts+Rebs+Asts, and more. There are nearly endless options available.

There are two main options for entries at PrizePicks Fantasy: Power Plays and Flex Plays. For both modes, the more picks you add to an entry, the higher your payout multiplier will be. Both game modes also allow you to make same-game, single-sport, and multi-sport entries. However, you cannot select multiple players on the same team in a single entry.

Power Plays are the more simple way to play at PrizePicks. You can make more/less picks on anywhere between 2-4 players and your potential payout will increase with each player added to your entry. A two-player entry would earn you a 3x payout. A three-player entry would earn you a 5x payout. And a four-player entry would earn you a 10x payout. The key thing to know about Power Plays is that every single pick must be correct to earn your payout.

As the name suggests, Flex Plays offer more flexibility since there are a bunch of pick combinations you can achieve to earn payouts. The picking process is the same as with Power Plays, except you can select up to six players in a single Flex Play entry. The total payout per pick is less with Flex Plays, but you can still win if not all your picks hit. The Flex Play payouts break down as follows:

  • 3 Player Entry: 3 correct picks = 2.25x payout; 2 correct picks = 1.25x payout
  • 4 Player Entry: 4 correct picks = 5x payout; 3 correct picks = 1.5x payout
  • 5 Player Entry: 5 correct picks = 10x payout; 4 correct picks = 2x payout; 3 correct picks = 0.4x payout
  • 6 Player Entry: 6 correct picks = 25x payout; 5 correct picks = 2x payout; 4 correct picks = 0.4x payout

Is PrizePicks Fantasy legal?

Yes, PrizePicks is completely legal and regulated wherever it operates. As a fantasy sports app, PrizePicks is subject to fewer restrictions than a sportsbook, so it’s legal in states where sports betting sometimes isn’t. Furthermore, you only need to be 19 years old to have a PrizePicks account, except for in Arizona and Massachusetts where you must be at least 21.

PrizePicks Fantasy is available in 30 states across the country. The full list of states where PrizePicks operates is listed below:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona (must be 21+)
  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts (must be 21+)
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New England
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Signing up at PrizePicks

It only takes a few minutes to register for a new PrizePicks account. Head to the PrizePicks website and find the appropriate PrizePicks download link for your device. Once you’ve installed the PrizePicks app, click the sign-up button to get started. Enter your name, email, date of birth, and address, and create a new password. Just like that, your PrizePicks account is activated.

The final step to start wagering is to verify your identity with your driver’s license. Submit a photo of your license to confirm your account eligibility. Once the operator has verified your ID, you are all set to claim the PrizePicks welcome bonus and double your first deposit. As soon as the money is in your account, you’re ready to start making picks.

Can you win money at PrizePicks Fantasy?

You can definitely win money at PrizePicks. With Power Plays, you can earn up to a 10x payout for four correct player picks. With Flex Plays, you can earn up to 25x your money for six correct choices. You will earn a higher potential payout with each selection you add to either your Power Play or Flex Play.

What’s great about PrizePicks?

Listed below are a few of our favorite features of the uber-popular PrizePicks app.

  1. Fast and easy: Playing DFS at PrizePicks is a far easier and quicker experience than you would find at any other daily fantasy sports site. This is because you only have to make over/under prop picks that just take a few minutes to choose and place. Gone are the days of having to spend hours researching players and drafting a team.
  2. Big money with flexible options: Another great aspect of PrizePicks is the “choose your own adventure” attitude when it comes to placing wagers. Like at a sportsbook, you can decide exactly how much money you want to put on the line with every PrizePicks entry. You can also choose Flex Play, which essentially offers insurance and gives you a partial payout if not all of your picks hit. Nevertheless, you can still win big money with a massive 25x maximum multiplier if you make six correct selections in a single entry.
  3. Customer service: Apple, Android, and website users alike rave about the quality of PrizePicks’ customer service. PrizePicks guarantees an 18-minute response time when it comes to customer support inquiries. However, the operator usually responds even quicker than that—10 minutes during our test run. App reviews consistently mention that any problem that occurred was solved in a timely manner through a positive and helpful interaction. This is not something that can be said for every sports betting platform out there and can truly change your experience with an operator.

What’s missing from PrizePicks Fantasy?

There is no doubt PrizePicks is an awesome DFS platform; however, there are a few areas where we believe the app could use some improvement.

  1. Ticket limitations: There are some restrictions on what you can add to your ticket at PrizePicks. You cannot include two players from the same team in a single entry, nor can you compound two different stats for a single player into one entry (i.e., you can’t have Tyreek Hill’s yards line and his touchdown line in one ticket). Furthermore, you are a bit capped when it comes to total payout, especially if you’re looking to go all or nothing since the max multiplier for Power Plays is 10x with four selections.
  2. Selective lines available: One of the key things to note about PrizePicks is that the operator both sets the lines and chooses which lines are available for each player. This means that not every player will have the same lines available for every game, so you are limited in what picks you can make on each player. For example, Tyreek Hill might have a touchdown line and a total yards line available for a given game, while Jaylen Waddle would only have a total receptions line and a fantasy points line available. There is no way to request lines or make picks outside of what’s available, so your selection options are at the mercy of the operator.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at PrizePicks Fantasy?

Getting money in and out of the PrizePicks app is a bit different from other fantasy apps and sportsbooks. For starters, there are only two ways to deposit money into PrizePicks: credit card and PayPal. Although this isn’t ideal, these two methods are quite common and should work for most users. Deposited funds should show up in your account balance immediately.

PrizePicks withdrawals work differently. If you’re ready to take money off the app, you must submit a withdrawal request before you can cash out. Once you submit the request, PrizePicks will send you an email containing a code that must be inputted into the app. This extra security measure confirms the user’s identity once again and aims to prevent theft. After you have entered the security code, you may withdraw funds either through an instant bank transfer or via a direct card payment to your previous deposit method. You should receive the funds within 48 hours of submitting the withdrawal request.

Can I play at PrizePicks Fantasy for free?

No, you must deposit real money into your PrizePicks account to make picks on players and win additional cash.

PrizePicks Fantasy overview

PrizePicks is a fantastic daily fantasy sports app that has gained remarkable popularity since launching in 2015. PrizePicks’ unique approach to DFS has allowed it to tiptoe the line between fantasy and sportsbook, streamlining the DFS process and making it easier and more accessible.

PrizePicks is not your traditional fantasy app. You don’t compete against other users or build a team of players. Instead, PrizePicks has users simply select whether players will achieve more or less of a given stat during their match. Users add multiple selections to their entries to earn payout multipliers that grow with every additional pick added to an entry, and the payouts can be massive. You can win up to 25x your money if you make six correct picks in a single entry. It is important to note that PrizePicks is a paid-only fantasy app. There is no option to play for free.

It’s easy to see why PrizePicks has experienced such success over the past few years. The mobile app is well designed and easy to use, even for players who have no experience playing fantasy or placing bets. Furthermore, PrizePicks’ designation as a fantasy sports app means it is more widely available than sportsbooks but still offers a related experience to, say, Caesars or BetMGM. Plus, you only have to be 19 years old to have a PrizePicks account in most legal states.

PrizePicks Fantasy FAQs

PrizePicks will match your first deposit at a 100% rate up to a maximum of $100. This means you are starting at PrizePicks with double the money you initially invest. Just use the PrizePicks promo code PLAYFL when signing up to claim your $100 PrizePicks sign-up bonus.

You must be 19 or older to have a PrizePicks Fantasy account, except in Arizona and Massachusetts where the minimum age is 21.

Yes, real money is the only way to play at PrizePicks Fantasy. With Power Plays, you can win up to 10x your money. Meanwhile, Flex Plays can earn you up to a 25x payout, but you don’t have to get every pick correct to win.

There are two main ways to play at PrizePicks, but both modes involve making picks on whether players will go over or under a set stat total. With Power Plays, you can win up to 10x your stake, but you must get all of your picks correct to win. Flex Plays, on the other hand, offer a maximum payout of 25x your money, but you can still win a smaller payout if some of your picks miss.

Yes, Prize Picks is entirely legit and legal. It’s licensed and regulated in 30 states across the US, so you know your money is guaranteed when you win.

Comparing PrizePicks to DraftKings or FanDuel is tricky since they don’t offer the same game modes. PrizePicks simplifies DFS by having you select only whether a player will score higher or lower on a given stat, instead of researching players and drafting a full team like you would at DraftKings or FanDuel. This makes PrizePicks a great daily fantasy option for folks who still want to risk and win money but don’t have the time to participate in full-fledged DFS games.