Craps And Roulette A Possible Option Soon In Florida; Study Up On Proper ‘Betiquette’

Written By Carter Breazeale on September 7, 2023 - Last Updated on September 13, 2023
Craps and roulette could soon be legal in Florida.

When the US Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia nullified a previous court’s decision that invalidated the Seminole Compact, it appeared that the state of Florida was on a smooth path toward legal sports betting and table games.

Yet, the cogs of the judicial system continued to churn. With previous plaintiffs West Flagler Associates opting to appeal the decision, a freeze has been enacted. And with the glacial pace of the legal process, there’s no firm timetable for a decision on the matter.

The muddy waters have effectively left the state in limbo regarding sports betting and table games at Florida casinos. Nevertheless, the Seminole Tribe of Florida seems to be plowing ahead. It recently posted job openings on its website for craps and roulette dealers at its various properties throughout the state.

Both craps and roulette can be somewhat daunting to new players. What are the best ways to look like a pro when playing craps or roulette at a Florida casino? PlayFL has you covered with the do’s and don’ts of betiquette.

Craps is undoubtingly one of the best games at a casino

There are seven casinos in Florida. The Seminole Tribe operates six Hard Rock casinos across Florida, while the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians operates a casino in Miami. Florida online casinos are illegal in the state, although Floridians can enjoy social and sweepstakes casinos online, some of which offer chances to redeem prizes for real money.

Craps is one of the most exhilarating yet intimidating casino table games. You’ve seen the way it’s portrayed on film and television: A seeming novice hurling dice while an anxious and excited group of bettors and onlookers wait to see if the thrower has the hot hand that sends chips their way.

Craps is, by far, one of the best ways to enjoy a casino. But if you’re unfamiliar with the unspoken etiquette of the game, your experience can quickly turn sour. With up to 20 players at the table, it’s best to brush up on the proper betiquette before stepping up to place a wager.

Don’t be the Seven Guy (or Gal) and don’t forget to tip

First off, you want to stay away from seven. As with any casino game, there’s a whole lot of superstition at play. While at the craps table, never say the word “seven.” Most at the table will bet the pass line – and the bet loses if the dice land on seven. Think of it like never saying “no-hitter” during a baseball game when one is in the works. Whatever you do, don’t be the Seven Guy.

Keep dice visible. If you’re the shooter, once you’ve selected your dice, keep them on the table and in clear view of the dealer. Place your bets while dice are in the center of the table. Placing a late bet when a shooter has chosen dice is a big no-no and will draw ire from the other players at the table.

Bet as a tip at times. You can place a “two-way” bet in craps, meaning that one half of the wager will go to the staff if it hits. Obviously, it will only pay out if the bet is a winner, but it’s a fun way to get the dealer involved in the action. Remember to tip the staff. Don’t simply rely on two-ways. Casino staff work extremely hard to ensure that you’re enjoying yourself, so be sure to throw a couple of chips their way, especially if you have a hot hand.

The railing is not meant to hold your drink

The railing is not a drink holder. You’ve likely been scolded at a bar or pool hall for this at some point. The same rule applies at the craps table. The railing is used to prepare chips to place on the table. It’s not a coaster. A spill can completely disrupt the flow of a game, and get you chased from the table.

Don’t hand cash to the dealer. This goes beyond etiquette and into strict casino safety territory. Dealers or croupiers cannot accept handed cash, so either snag your chips in advance or place any currency directly on the table in between games or shooters. Also, do not buy in during a roll. This is one of the biggest faux pas new players encounter when joining a craps table. It’s considered completely bad form. Wait until the shooter has made their point or in between shooters.

Stay quiet if your Don’t bet pays off

You definitely do not want to blame other players for your busted bet. You placed it, not them. Emotions understandably run high when there’s winnings at stake, but never take your loss out on others. Also, you shouldn’t cheer if you bet Don’t. Betting on the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come means you’re betting against others. Basically, you’re joining the Dark Side. If a seven hits and they bust out, it’s best to quietly collect your chips.

Roulette could soon be offered at Florida casinos.
A dealer conducts a game of roulette at the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City, N.J. The table game could soon be an option at Florida casinos. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

Take a chance on roulette

Roulette is the ultimate game of chance. You make your selection, be it black, red, odds, evens, high or low, and let the wheel and croupier’s ball do its thing, hopefully to your benefit. While certainly not as involved as craps, there’s still a level of decorum you should observe when you saddle up to the roulette wheel.

Try to keep your stack neat. This is a given for any table game, but one that needs some subtle reminding. That’s especially true after a hot run or a few drinks. When you fail to keep your chip stack tidy, you get on the croupier’s nerves.

Make sure you place your bet on time. Nobody likes a slowpoke, especially when there’s money at stake. Place your chips in a timely fashion to avoid slowing down the game. Conversely, wait for the dealer to collect your winnings. Once you’ve hit a bet in roulette, it’s understandable to want to snag your chips. Don’t. The dealer will place a marker down, which signals that players are being paid out accordingly. Once the marker is removed, you can collect your chips.

Don’t forget to tip your dealer. A double mention for this one, as it’s extremely important. Make sure you tip the dealer at the roulette table.

Roulette table is for chips and nothing else

Don’t put anything on the table other than chips. As with craps, it’s poor form to place anything on the felt that isn’t chips. As for chips, don’t ever touch another player’s chips. Even if you want to assist a fellow player, it is unacceptable to touch their chips. If you would like to place your chips on the same number or color, ask the croupier to give you a hand.

Also, do not ask the croupier for advice. The croupier is there to keep the wheel turning and manage wagers, not give you guidance on what bet to place. It wastes time and shows a lack of boundaries.

Finally, at both the craps and roulette tables, remember to have fun. They are games, so keep that in mind when you place your chips on the felt.

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