How to Play Bingo in Florida

When it comes to legal gambling in Florida, few forms have as long a history as bingo.

Legalized in 1970, bingo has become a staple in the Sunshine State, conducted by charitable and veterans’ organizations as well as homeowners’ associations on occasion. Of course, the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes are also authorized to offer bingo at their casinos.

In 2021, legislators attempted to advance legislation that would have allowed pari-mutuel facilities to offer bingo. But those efforts stalled.

While certainly accessible for players at least 18 years of age, real-money bingo remains a land-based activity.

Players, though, can enjoy online bingo, courtesy of sweepstakes casinos that use virtual currency.

Florida bingo laws in 2024

Across Florida, players 18 years or older can find their desirable bingo location.

Nonprofit organizations with a Florida alcohol license can offer games, as can some casinos in the state. In fact, Seminole Casino Brighton opened in 1980 and was the first high-stakes bingo operation in Florida.

Each bingo session carries a special progressive jackpot. Regular jackpots can be as high as $50,000 during the evening sessions.

There are currently no official online bingo laws in Florida. While lawmakers have approved a renegotiated compact between the state and the Seminole Tribe, which would legalize sports betting apps in Florida as well as daily fantasy sports, there was no language regarding other online gambling options.

Even so, not all is lost. In Florida, you can still play online bingo.

How to play online bingo in Florida

You can enjoy bingo at free-to-play sites and social casinos in Florida, winning games by crossing off numbers from your bingo card in the form of lines, columns or patterns. You can also hit jackpots for covering all your numbers.

At the start of a bingo game, you purchase a set of bingo tickets. The computer then draws numbers at random. It’s your job to “daub” selected numbers from your tickets. The computer can also do this if you choose the “auto-daub” option.

You win prizes from a shared pool based on all available entries. The more players there are, the more you win.

Winning a prize in online bingo

  • Any Line: You are the first player to cover any horizontal or vertical line of numbers.
  • Columns: You are the first to fill two columns of numbers.
  • Full House/Coverall: You are the first player to fill every number on your bingo ticket. You may also claim a special jackpot by hitting the “coverall.”
  • Pattern: You can also win prizes for covering specific patterns in a bingo game. You might bag a prize for covering the four corner numbers or forming an ‘X’ pattern with the numbers.

Top online bingo games in Florida

Just like online casinos, the best online bingo sites feature a range of interesting variants you won’t find in your local Florida bingo hall.

Among the most popular formats is 75-Ball Bingo, found at all high-quality online bingo rooms. But what other games can you expect to see if Florida legalizes real-money online bingo?

  • 30-Ball: This quick version of the standard game ensures bingo players play more games quicker. Since there are only 30 balls in the pot, the games will come to a climax quicker. Each card has nine numbers in total across a 3-by-3 grid. Generally there will be only one prize awarded once all nine slots are filled.
  • 75-Ball: In the US, 75-Ball Bingo is the most common form of the game. The ticket displays a 5-by-5 grid of numbers with the center space left free. The columns are marked with the letters ‘B,’ ‘I,’ ‘N,’ ‘G’ and ‘O.’ In 75-Ball Bingo, you win a prize by being the first to fill horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. You also win the jackpot if you hit the full house/coverall first. You can call ‘bingo’ in most 75-Ball Bingo games. There aren’t ‘bad bingos’ at all online bingo sites, and you won’t be penalized if you call early.
  • 80-Ball: 80-Ball Bingo features a strip of numbers in a 4-by-4 arrangement. Numbers from 1 to 80 are drawn. You win the smallest prize by filling a line or column first. You bag the jackpot by being the first player to fill up all 16 spots. In 80-Ball Bingo, you can also win a special jackpot by covering the center four numbers first.
  • 90-Ball: 90-Ball Bingo is popular in the UK and may be offered at any online bingo site. In the game, you purchase tickets with 27 squares in a 3-by-9 layout. The computer draws numbers from 1 to 90 at random. There are five numbers on every row of a 90-Ball Bingo ticket. Each row also includes four blank squares. You win prizes by covering a single line or two lines first. You also get a jackpot when you’re the first player to cover all your numbers.
  • Slingo: Slingo is an online innovation that blends bingo with online slots. When you start the game, you “spin” five numbers below your bingo card. You mark numbers off if any of the five numbers appear on your card. Jokers and Super Jokers can appear during the game. Jokers act wild and can substitute for all other numbers.

Online bingo sweepstakes options in Florida

Florida doesn’t offer legal real-money online bingo sites. However, that hasn’t stopped some innovative operators from doing something different.

You can now play bingo online at sweepstakes casinos. It’s legal, and you can even win real US dollars.

Social casinos like Chumba Casino use a Sweeps Coins model. You start by purchasing Gold Coins that you can use to obtain bingo strips and play games.

However, when you purchase Gold Coins, the casino also awards you with Sweeps Coins. You can choose to pay for your bingo tickets using Sweeps Coins, which would allow you to win Sweeps Coins prizes if you cover a line or hit a full house.

While Gold Coins carry no monetary value, Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real cash. Because of the sweepstakes model, it is perfectly legal under Florida state law.

Sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino are gaining traction, and there are plenty of players to create large prize pools.

  • Flambingo: Flambingo is available through Chumba Casino, one of the leading social casinos offering sweepstakes. You can play up to 10 cards at once, and the more you pay, the more you can win. You play the game on a 5-by-5 grid and win prizes by being the first to call a Flambingo.
    • You win a prize worth 10 times your card stake if you are the first to fill a line or pattern.
    • You win a prize worth two times the cost of the card if you fill a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line at any time during the game. You can also win a prize if you cover the four corner positions.
    • You win 1,000 times your card cost if you are the first to get a full house.

Finding a bingo site online

In 2024, you can play bingo at a small selection of free-to-play rooms and sweepstakes sites. If you live in Florida, it’s important to make the right choice.

  • Healthy welcome bonus: You can claim a welcome bonus at some sweepstakes sites offering online bingo.
  • Top security and software: Proper licensing and security are essential at top bingo sites. Your personal data should be protected by the latest SSL security. Additionally, the random number generators (RNGs) that govern the bingo number draws must undergo regular testing.
  • Reliable payouts and withdrawals: When you play bingo online, you should be able to enjoy reliable cashout times 24/7. Cash withdrawals should be accurate and fast.
  • Good range of games: 75-Ball Bingo is the most popular variant in the US in 2024. However, great online bingo rooms should offer a variety of interesting games.